A Herd of Highland Cows

I decided to create a small herd of highland cows for the Craft Stars Garage Sale. When I first saw the original cow design, the hair made me smile, but the hooves made me think more of a soccer ball or potato. So, I purchased the design, then changed it up a bit. I used my embroidery software to eliminate the top hooves and replaced them with the arms from a reindeer design I had stitched out for Christmas ornaments. I also replaced the closed eyes with round eyes that I purchased from Urban Threads specifically for this. Their hair can be styled in various ways and I had fun giving them all their own unique look.

Once the herd was complete, I was fortunate enough to gather them all up for this family pic. As you can see most of them got the memo to look their best, but one overslept and didn’t even have time to brush her hair before the photo (that one made me smile every time I saw her wild ‘do).
Here they are all gathered together:

And here they all are individually:

5/6 of the cows have sold in the garage sale and are now stampeding their way to their new homes. There is one cow left if anyone is interested in purchasing it.



They’re all sooooooo adorable. I love them!


They’re all so cute!


They are so flipping cute! Thank you for donating them to help keep our wonderful little community going!

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Cuties! Love their hairstyles.

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Love these funny friends! And one is coming my way!!

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This herd is just ding-dang cute! EEP! The changes you made were exactly right!

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Thank you, all! This was my first time embroidering faux hair onto a design. These were fun to make and I was excited to see how each would turn out. After the initial embroidery of the eyes, arms, and hooves was done, I added the hair, then taped down the horns and ears and put the back piece on top to sandwich everything inside while the final tackdown was stitched out. I enjoyed the reveal of flipping them right side out to see how they each turned out!


They are sooooo cute!!!