A Journal for No Reason (pic heavy, not sorry)

I received one of @LovelyMiss’s junk journal kits and decided my project would be what Shannon Green calls a “journal for no reason” (basically, a journal for no one dedicated reason). I plan to use it to capture quotes a la @Bunny1kenobi’s journal but also junk journaling, sticking and plonking bits of paper and magazine images, etc.

I partially followed LM’s tutorial but also did my own thing because I’ve watched a lot of journal making YT videos and am obviously independently an expert :wink:. The final product is three signatures of 8 pages. I bound them in using a running stitch because there’s a wide variety of page height and placement, and for stability I wanted to improve my chances that every page would be stitched in at least two places.

I challenged myself to use only items from the kit, so with the exception of a few staples, everything you’re about to see came from LovelyMiss. The clipped- and tucked-in bits and bobs are subject to be moved/replaced, but I wanted to primp it a bit to start :laughing:.

Between the first and second signatures

Okay, the hair clip isn’t part of the kit, but it’s also not a permanent part of the journal. I just needed help keeping it open for pictures.

I used some of the supplies to create journal accessories(?). Here’s the full complement of froofy paperclips and journal cards, some of which are already in use and some of which are on deck.

If you’re still here, thanks for looking! And also, please hold me accountable for filling this sucker up and not just mooning over it. :laughing:


Omg! Amazing!!! I’m so glad you dove in and made something so cool! I love a journal for no reason. That’s most of mine, lol! It’s so fun to see how everyone uses and combine things differently. Way to go!!! I hadn’t considered labels or stickers over cards before. I have some crafting to do. :grin:

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Wow, very cool! I love journals that are a mishmash of varied papers. Awesome journal!


This turned out great! :slight_smile: :closed_book:


Love this! Also my favorite type of journal.


You need some paint pens and an evening to just doodle and have fun in that journal! It looks like it was so fun to make and would be fun to embellish.

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Thanks so much, everyone! It was so fun to just play with stuff. (Less fun to bind, but whatever.) I’m looking forward to using more of the kit bits and pieces inside in addition to my own stuff.

This is awesome!!!

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Accountability post–I stuck some stuff in today! I may do more to them later (or not), but they got some long-hoarded stuff out of my stash.


This is fab! You did a great job of binding it

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Thank you!