A Wise Crafter made Christmas Tags from Cards....and so did I!

I was inspired by @TheMistressT’s idea to repurpose gift cards into gift tags! I’ve done that before, but boring little squares/rectangles. So, I ordered my own set of gift tag die cuts for my Sizzix Big Shot with some Christmas money. They arrived today, and I had fun using all the sizes and made these cuties!




@AIMR Your card was so cute, it made it into my repurposed group! One day, some fellow LC’er will enjoy those tags!

Tara, thanks for sharing your project! It was a great inspiration for me!

As you can see, that tiny die cut was used a lot! It was really easy to use “left over space” with that one!


Lookin’ good! Great tags with pretty ribbons! It’s really amazing to see and fun to find all the smaller bits of a card’s image, isn’t?


It is smart to make these right after the holidays…because you will not have time or forget about them or can’t find where you put the old cards next December! ha ha

They turned out really nice! Also, using up ribbon you had on hand so you can get more next year!

I just took my cards down and will probably make some of these as well…I should also make some card bowls, but I haven’t found a fast way to make the holes I need to put them together…

Wonderful job!


I love this idea! I used to keep allll my holiday cards but I never did anything with them. These are so cute and useful I might have to get that same die! Great job!


@TheMistressT, it is! It is like fussy cutting…but with paper!

@AIMR It’s funny you mentioned the ribbon. I have a little, and it’s a supply I don’t use often, so it was nice to use some of it up! What is a card bowl?

@Whistlefish, I think you should, too! It’s fun! Thank you.

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I really like the truck ones, especially the two on the far left.

I made a few of these in the dead place for swaps…I have patterns that came from a vintage craft book…basically, you use old cards doubled up and then strung or crocheted together…the hardest part is cutting the holes…I use a template so that there are matching holes and a single hole punch…


Oh, that is really cool.

How funny, I’ve been eyeing the Christmas cards on the fridge thinking I need to get put my tag punch too!
I like the added ‘stitching’ on the borders!

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I love me some upcycled crafts!! Nicely done! Think of all the possibility on other card invoking holidays.


That was part of the die cut I used! Cool feature indeed!

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I punched some tags yesterday. My favorites are tags featuring LittleBookLover’s picture from this year’s Christmas card. It’ll be pretty obvious who those gifts are for come next year :blush:.

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Those tags are lovely!

I should use this idea. I have kept hundreds of cards from many years.

@AIMR, I remember my mother teaching me how to make boxes with lids out of christmas cards in that same technique when I was little. We used a big needle to punch the holes.


Those tags are fab!

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Thanks everyone!

I found more Christmas cards, so I made another set:


I just need to add ribbon!


:tada: Congratulations! Your super awesome craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :confetti_ball:

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Thanks for the inspiration!

HAHA! This was one of the week’s top projects!

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Pretty cool! Thanks.

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These are fabulous!!! I may have to go find some old Christmas cards…

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