Repurposed Greeting Cards: Gift Tags & Bags

I’ve a tradition of using some of the holiday cards we receive to make gift tags using a Fiskars punch I picked up years ago. Last year I picked up a set of tag dies for using with my Sizzix Big Shot. I also use cardstock scraps from other paper projects. We use them for holiday gifts… but not nearly so many as I make! :thinking:



Last year, I had svg files to cut collapsible paper gift bags in my “stash,” and decided that would be a great use for card fronts better left whole.


This project is a great way to use cardstock from pads or kits that I like, but am not likely to use for other projects (two 12x12 pcs for the sides) and piece that I don’t even necessarily like and certainly won’t use because it’s meant for a craft I don’t do (one 12x12 pc for the bottom). Of course, sometimes the right cardstock is just one I really like!

The biggest challenge is finding a coordinating ribbon for the handles from stash! But sometimes that last touch is what makes the bag.



It feels great to reuse beautiful things we have received and to utilize cardstock and ribbon stashes, BUT I have kind of just drastically increased my gift bag stash, because almost all our of gifts are shipped away and often a gift bag isn’t the best option for that - especially if trying to keep the size of the package, and thus the cost, smaller. D’oh!


So beautiful!

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Kind of obsessed with the cityscape tags in the first photo (also the trees next to them. And the Santa’s belt one.)

Thanks, friends!

@megwell That cityscape card was really cool! The deep blue starry sky tags were from the BACK of that card! All are red on the other side. The trees card was really pretty and I got so many tags out of it! The framed tree one came from the inside of that one. The Santa belt almost didn’t come to be until I realized I could go diagonal to get enough of the belt details.


What a great variety!

They are all so pretty! You should totally sell the ones you don’t think you’ll get to use. People would TOTALLY buy all of those. You could do packs of themed bundles or something.

Or maybe a bunch of personal swaps could get your collection into different homes, too, but selling them = more cash for stash! lol

I love those tags! What a great idea.

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Wow, I too love the bags, love especially how you color match the card fronts to the bag paper. What size did the bags end up being? I can’t tell what sort of adhesive elements you used on the lacy handles, was it packing tape?

Thanks! They’re about 11" x 7" x 4". I think I did use packing tape to secure the felt snowflake ribbons. I’m pretty sure that I’ve knotted every other one I’ve ever made!