ACNH Alice's Pocket Weather App

August’s Stitch Along 2020-to the End of Time! theme is sun and moon. I was inspired by all the “outside the box” stitch thinking last month, and in possible preparation for the Fridge Magnet swap, I decided to purchase a rainbow of wool felt sheets and make a felt sun, moon, and rainbow.

The cool part is the idea in my head perfectly coincided with a “pocket” prompt from the Challenge chain, for fun and to get us out of our corona slump, so I jumped right on that! I had recently salvaged two pockets from the leggings to tank top project I did a few weeks ago.

In my mind, I was envisioning one of those touchy learny things for kids…the moving parts stored in the pocket. However, I didn’t like just the pocket on the fabric–it wasn’t cohesive at all, so I decided to paint the fabric. I started with grass and was going to put a house, but then switched course and went with my Animal Crossing bff, Alice! (She’s so cute!) Alice’s coloring isn’t 100% which is a mixture of the paint colors I have and painting on jeans.Since AC folk carry their items around in their pockets, this was a perfect idea! I adhered heat and bond the the back of the pocket and then stitched along the inside ditch to sew to fabric. I considered doing a blanket stitch around, but decided that would be weird.

This fabric is left over from one of my bags for recycling!

Close up of Alice:

The sun, moon, or rainbow attach by Velcro and store in the pocket like so when not in use:

(Well, obviously they go all the way in the pocket, this just shows they store there.)

It’s a “rainbow” day:

It’s a “sunny” day:

The “moon’s” out:

Thanks for looking! This makes me very happy!


This is so cool and creative!! I love the interactivity!!! The painting on the pocket is a great addition to bring it all together!

All I can think is that my kids would love this! :laughing:

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Really cute idea.

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This is SO cute and creative and colorful! Love it!

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Very clever!!! It is like having an almost weather hoop!

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How fun!