Ada's Bumblebee Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Ada’s first birthday. Since we call her Ada B, or Ada Bumblebee, the party was entirely bee themed. I may have gone a little overboard…

Ada’a cake was a honey spice cake decorated with honey icing and held together with buttercream. It was made in a Nordic Ware beehive mold, and decorated with tiny candy bees and flowers. To be completely honest… it was delicious, and I think I found a new favorite cake recipe. I’ve always loved spice cake, but the honey flavor really shone through, without overpowering it.

I made a double batch of Honeycomb Caramel Snack Mix. It made me feel trashy to buy sugary cereal, only to add more sugar to it, but damn it was good. Everyone loved it, and I’m going to have to make more, just to use up the family sized box of cereal.

I made a huge platter of chocolate dipped pretzels and candy bark. I dipped the pretzels in yellow (white) candy melts, then drizzled with milk chocolate to look like stripes. The bark was a batch of white chocolate with drops of leftover yellow, and the other was milk chocolate. Both were filled with pretzels, Butterfinger bits, Reese’s Pieces, Oreos, and sprinkles.

The decorated sugar cookies came from a lovely lady in town called Fairytale Sweets. She is amazing. The cookies were so detailed, I couldn’t stop staring at them. There were beehives, black eyed susans, honeycomb hexagons, honey pots, her name, and hexagons with bee silhouettes.

I found the plates, cups and napkins on Amazon. Since I forgot to get an action shot of them, here’s one from the website.

Since most of my craft supplies are still packed, I relied on paper decorations from Amazon, that mom & I put together a few days before.

I also created a balloon arch from a kit on Amazon. It was both harder and easier than I imagined it would be. I bought a balloon filling pump for $20 on Amazon, and it worked great. But it woke the baby… And the balloon tying tools that came with it didn’t work well for us. So we filled the large & XL balloons with the machine the night before, with my mom tying them all, because she is somehow amazingly good at it. Tying 3-4 in the time it took me to do one. My husband blew up all the mediums himself, the old fashioned way, to let the baby sleep. Then on the morning of the party, my MIL, mom, and I finished blowing up the smallest ones, and built the arch, and suspended it with Command hooks. People seemed pretty impressed with it.

I forgot to get pictures of the rest of the food, but I did a crockpot full of honey bbq pulled pork on Hawaiian rolls, mini quiche, crudités, fruit salad, crackers and lobster roll dip, hummus and pita chips, and my mom made deviled eggs, which I decorated with black sesame seeds and black volcanic salt, for ever-more black-white-yellow. Because if you’re going to go over the top, go all the way over.

The birthday girl managed to even stay pretty clean eating her cake!


I was waiting for your epic birthday party post and you did not disappoint! You did not miss a single detail to tie in the theme, it’s completely epic. So well done!! The cake is my favorite :drooling_face:

LOL. Ada was in a yellow & white striped onesie, with jeans, a black bib, white cardigan, and bumble bee shoes. I wore a black & white striped tee, and had a golden yellow scarf in my hair. I’ll see if I can find pics of her not wrapped in a smock…

I wanted to turn the fruit into flowers like Edible Arrangements, but I ran out of time.

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LOL I spotted her outfit in the last picture and thought that was rather…well, not a birthday girl’s outfit. I figured it was an eating smock and I was right!

Carved fruit for birthday #2!

Here’s a better pic of her outfit. Someone took off her sweater and drool bib, but you can see the little bee shoes, complete with antennae.


So cute! Also, I’m pretty sure I’ve see bee rain boots for kids out in the world :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This party looks like… the bee’s knees! So many fun details and all the food and the treats sound delicious, too! What a lucky little honey, Ada is! Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, I say!

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I love over-the-top, themed kids’ parties, and yours is awesome! That balloon arch-wow! And I love all the treats and decor and even her cute little outfit. So sweet!

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Meanwhile, this is what it looks like when a balloon filled with gold confetti pops…


I fear that you are going to have a few years of “over the top” themed birthday parties! :rofl: YAY!

The food is amazing…never realized you could do so much in a bee theme…yummy!

Also, love the balloon arch…how great that everyone pitched in…sure looks like it was worth it!

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I feel like this was a trial run for throwing the LC Midwest Meetup in July. Although our Meetup will probably have less kiddos. There were 7 older kids, between 2-10 years old, who had a blast playing Hide n Seek around the house, with it’s 13 closets, multiple bedrooms, bonus room and two staircases. There’s a closet here we call “Narnia”, that goes to a kid-sized secret room, that I plan to decorate & outfit for Ada and her friends when she’s a bit bigger.


What a cool party! It’s been many moons since I did an over the top party for my kiddos. Yours is spectacular!

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This looks like an awesome party and all of the food looks delicious!

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OMG, I wanna go to your Narnia!!!


Aww, what a beautiful first birthday for our sweet girl. Happy 1st birthday big girl!

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It was a beautifully detailed party!

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It’s all so special for her first ever bday party, what fun!

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Love the way you used the theme, it looks fun and elegant! We might be trying some of those recipes soon!

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Bee shoes!! Do they come in a ladies 8? :heart_eyes:

First birthdays are so fun. And it sure looks like you put together some real memory moments.

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Wow Jennie, this looks amazing, your attention to detail is outstanding. The cake, the balloon arch, Ada’s outfit. Just wow. I can’t believe she’s a year old already