Advent Wreath made with Dollar Tree items

I went to the Dollar Tree and picked up some supplies to make a very simple advent wreath.

The pottery platter was a wedding gift, so we’ve had it for many years–17, to be exact! Where does the time go?

Anyway, I got a wire wreath frame, wrapped it in some wide green ribbon, and then added the “pearls branches” on top. Then I simply placed the candle holders and candles in the centre.

Dollar tree items are $1.50 now, and I grabbed 9 items in total:

4 candle holders
2 packages of candles (2 candles in each)
1 wire frame
1 green ribbon spool
1 branch/pearl thing

So the whole thing cost $15.30, including taxes, which was a lot less expensive than anything I saw for sale online (and I hadn’t seen anything in local stores)

Overall I’m happy with the effect. If it ever stops raining in December (???) and I can find non-soggy fresh items, the hope is to add some real greenery into the open spaces of the wreath (and some red berries if I get lucky).


I really like the colours you used! Some fresh greenery would be a nice touch, if the weather cooperates.

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Lovely! My sister always does an advent wreath for the sideboard in their dining room. Love that you were able to source everything so inexpensively. Fresh greenery would add a beautiful touch… and would smell wonderful!

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Way to use your crafty side to decorate and save a buck or two!


Lovely idea! Fresh greenery would be a great touch.

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