Alaskana Costume: fish bones, blue tarp, & XtraTufs- F&T 2020 Q4 Contest Entry

This was not the costume I had planed pre-pandemic and leading up to Halloween I was scrambling for inspiration. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a big effort on a costume that I didn’t have opportunity to wear anywhere.

To begin I decided to make a fish bone mask because at least I could wear it on my weekly grocery shopping. And then I realized that I could wear my XtraTufs (Alaska’s favorite footwear) and my blue tarp rain jacket that I made years ago for a “craft your hometown” challenge on the old site to make a kind of “Alaskana” costume.

Note: That’s the Alaska flag on the back of the coat. The Big Dipper and the North Star. Both blue tarps and XtraTufs are ubiquitous here in Alaska.

Close ups of the fish bones on my mask. They are salmon vertebrae, jaw bones, and teeth I collected from the beach.

It’s not my best halloween effort, but I am really proud of my mask. I used magpie’s pattern. The outer fabric is black velvet and I hand stitched on the fish bones.


I love this so much! I was born and raised in Anchorage!!


So glad you like it! I am from Kodiak. Always love meeting other people from Alaska!

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Me too! It is nice to feel like a piece of home now that I live in the lower 48.

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The mask is super cool but I’ve never seen a tarp look so dapper. :star_struck:


You have made an amazingly clever and creative costume! I think we’re going to need a similar challenge in here in the future or I might just need to personally challenge myself.


amazing! love the scales

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