ALL NEW, REIMAGINED Harry Potter Craftalong - Spring 2024

Welcome to the Wizarding World!
~ January 10 - May 31, 2024 ~

:sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles:


The Harry Potter Craftalong (HPC) is a way to share your crafts, cheer on friends, celebrate your love of Harry Potter, and most of all to be inspired.

If you have been curious about us in the past, but worried about joining such a long-running Craftalong, NOW is the perfect time to join in. The Craftalong has been reimagined, and is going in new direction. Each session we will have prompts inspired by the Wizarding World, Molly’s Housecraft Challenges to motivate you on mundane tasks, & the occasional Minister of Magic Mission. Complete crafts inspired by these prompts, and you earn Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans for your Team. While the prompts themselves are HP themed, your crafts do not have to be. You may craft anything you wish. You may join anytime during a term, and participate as much as you like.

Each regular project is worth 10 Bertie Bott’s Beans for your Team. LC Challenge entries, items for LC Swaps, or charity creations, will all earn you 10 Bonus Beans! And Minister for Magic Missions earn a whopping 30 Beans! At the end of each term, we will take an average of each Team’s total, and declare a winning Team!

This first “All New Term” is inspired by the locations in the first novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

To participate, first choose a team. Then read through the prompts below, create a craft to fit the challenge, and post it here. If your project doesn’t fit any prompts, or if you’ve already fulfilled a prompt it fits, simply label it as Crafter’s Choice. (You may submit Crafter’s Choice as many times as needed.) That’s all there is to it!

:sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

To submit a project, cut & paste the following header into your post, and fill in the required info. You can add more than one project to your post.

Prompt/Challenge Title:
Project Name & Page Link: Add a link to your project posted here on Lettuce Craft, or to a recipe, pattern, etc.
LC Contest/LC Swap/Charity Item: If your item is for an LC contest or swap, or is for a charity, enter that here; if not please delete this line.
Brief Description: How it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.

-Projects should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.
-For a project to be counted, it must have a picture or a link to a picture included at the time of posting.

~ HPC FAQs ~
-Which Team am I on? Your choice! But whichever team you choose, you must keep for the rest of the year. After that, you may switch if you wish.
-I have a problem or question; who can I ask? You can send a Personal Message (PM) to @MistressJennie . You can also ask questions in the thread.
-Do I have to craft all the prompts & challenges? Nope!
-Does my craft project have to be Harry Potter themed? Nope!
-This is a lot of info. How do I keep myself organized? Feel free to use Hermione’s Homework Planner , a Google Doc created & updated by MistressJennie. Claim a sheet of the Homework Planner at the bottom of the page, and rename it with your username. Please DO NOT alter the Master Sheet at the far left.

:sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

:house: Privet Drive - The Dursley’s are the most boring Muggles imaginable, yet Dumbledore places Harry with them as a baby, because living with his mother’s blood relative leaves him with lasting protection against dark magic. Please create something Completely mundane but absolutely necessary.

:door: The Cupboard Under the Stairs - The Dursley’s never truly embrace their nephew as family. They make him sleep in a cupboard under the stairs (which is full of spiders), while they own son has 2 bedrooms. They dress him in Dudley’s cast-off clothes which don’t fit, and often put him to work cooking and cleaning. Please embrace the imperfections of your own crafting by creating something ‘wonky’. Alternately you may craft eight of something, or craft something that fits you perfectly. (This can be a garment which fits your body, or a craft which fits your home or style.)

:snake: The Zoo - On Dudley’s birthday, the Dursley’s are forced to bring Harry to the zoo, where he begins talking to a boa constrictor. After Dudley shoves him out of the way, Harry accidentally make the glass on the snake’s cage vanish. Please use a supply that disappears as it sets, such as Solvy, a disappearing fabric pen, or a resin glaze.

:bed: Dudley’s Second Bedroom - After the Dursley’s see Harry’s Hogwarts letter addressed to ‘The Cupboard Under the Stairs’, they worry they are being watched, and move Harry up to Dudley’s Second Bedroom, which is full of Dudley’s broken or castoff stuff. For this challenge you have two options: Choose something from your ‘mending’ shelf/pile to fix up. Alternately, choose a space in your home that needs a make-over of decluttering and organizing and show us before and after pics.

:ocean: Hut-on-the-Rock - In an effort to hide from the never-ending Hogwarts letters, Uncle Vernon takes the family to a hut in the middle of the sea. Shortly thereafter Hagrid arrives and knocks down the door, before bending Uncle Vernon’s rifle, starting a fire in the grate, cooking some sausages, presenting Harry with a birthday cake, and telling him he’s a wizard. Clearly, the man knows how to make an entrance. Create a project that is truly over the top, giant in size, or a little rough around the edges.

:beer: Leaky Cauldron - A dark & shabby pub, the Leaky Cauldron is nevertheless a magical place, that offers warmth, food, and cheer to witches and wizards. For this challenge, please make a recipe you plan to share with family or friends.

:purse: Gringotts - Much like Harry’s vault at Gringotts, you have so much gold just waiting for you. Dig into your hoard of craft supplies and craft with something precious. After all, you’re no thief. Those treasures are all yours. Use the good stuff!

:books: Flourish & Blott’s - Home to magical books of every kind! Please craft a book from scratch (a junk journal, miniature book ornament, etc.), or craft something tied to a book you love (a doll of a main character, drawing of a location, embroider your favorite quote, etc.)

:thread: Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions - The place in Diagon Alley to go for school robes; while all are magical folks, the proprietess and her staff still use pins to fit the hems on robes. Please craft something that utilizes pins or needles in its creation.

:owl: Eeylops Owl Emporium - On their trip through Diagon Alley Hagrid buys Harry an owl for his birthday. Harry names her Hedwig, and she becomes a dear friend, and serves as his only connection to the magical world while he’s home for the summer holidays. Pets are so important in their families; they can be best friends, confidants, and even “fur babies.” Craft something for a cherished pet in your life or for the local animal shelter in your town. If for charity, remember to label your post for extra points!

:alembic: Slug & Jiggers Apothecary - A jigger is a unit of liquid measurement; specifically 1.5 ounces. For this challenge please craft something that includes a liquid component, or uses one-and-a-half of something. (One and a half yards of fabric, one and a half cups of flour, one and a half yarn cakes, etc.)

:magic_wand: Ollivander’s Wand Shop - Widely considered to be the best place in England to get wands. For this challenge, make your own wand! You can make a literal wand, or create a wand-like tool for your own hobbies or home. Carve a spoon from wood, or decorate a ready made wooden spoon for your kitchen. Add embellishments to knitting needles or crochet hooks, embellish a pen to create your own quill.

:train: Paddington Station - After shopping all day in Diagon Alley, Harry & Hagrid end up in Paddington Station. Hagrid gives Harry a ticket for the Hogwart’s Express, and tells him that if he needs anything, he can always send a letter with Hedwig. Harry then returns to the Dursley’s for the remainder of the holidays. Please create something to send someone via the post! Stationary, greeting cards, and envelopes are obvious choices, but you may craft anything, as long as you plan to mail it to someone.

:steam_locomotive: King’s Cross Station - Platform 9 3/4 is a gateway between the magical and non magical worlds; it is also the place Harry meets Ron (and Molly, Percy, Fred, George & Ginny) for the first time, beginning a lifelong friendship. Please craft something for a dear friend or family member.

:station: Hogsmeade Station - A small, dark train platform, where the Hogwart’s Express drops off students. Please craft something very small (under 4"x4"), or something dark in color.

:octopus: The Black Lake - Tradition has first year Hogwart’s students take tiny boats across the lake, to a dock under the castle. They then climbed the many stairs up to the school, to enter through the front doors. Please create something that has many steps in its creation. Alternately you may create something for your front door.

:european_castle: Hogwarts - Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry has been a seat of learning in the magical community for over a thousand years. Please demonstrate that you’re never too old to learn something; try a new craft medium or a master a new technique in a favorite medium.

:evergreen_tree: The Forbidden Forest - Harry is assigned Detention in the Forest with Hagrid. (As are Hermione, Neville and Malfoy.) The group enters the forest to find an injured unicorn. Harry sees a dark figure drinking the unicorn’s blood, and is knocked unconscious by tremendous pain in his scar. When he awakes, he meets a few Centaurs, including Firenze, who infers that the dark figure is Lord Voldemort, before he brings Harry back to Hagrid. Please craft something that has a component of the natural world, such as wood or stone.

:hospital: Hospital Wing - The hospital wing is overseen by the Matron, Madam Pomfrey, a highly competent witch who is known both for her healing abilities, and for not asking too many questions of the students regarding their injuries. For this challenge, please craft something in a medium you are highly competent in.

:yarn: Crafter’s Choice - If you have a project that doesn’t fit any of the prompts, or you have already fulfilled the prompt it fits, you may still post it as “Crafter’s Choice” for 10 Beans. You may submit as many projects as you wish under this option.

:basket: :woman_mage: :shallow_pan_of_food: Molly’s Housecraft Challenges :yarn: :woman_mage: :mantelpiece_clock:
Scrap Busting: Channel your inner Molly and craft something solely from scraps or stash.
WIP Challenge: The work of a mum of 7 never seems to end. Please complete a Work In Progress.
Reparo: Channel your inner Arthur and repair something, alter something, or organize something.

:sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

:sparkles: :scroll: :sparkles: Minister for Magic Missions
Current Mission: May 19 - 31, 2024

Dear Magical Friends,
After a Winter spent indoors, many of us are eager to be outside! After all, spending time outside is a magic all its own; the feel of warm sun on your skin, the smell of freshly mown grass, the play of light through the leaves in the trees. For this Challenge, please craft something that either must be done outdoors, (such as solar printing, or refinishing a piece of furniture) OR is something for an outdoor space. This could be a crafted item, or it could be work on your flower beds, repainting your front door etc. And since the more time spent outdoors the better, you may complete this Mission up to 3 times!
Minister for Magic
Hermione Granger-Weasley

Remember, completing this mission will earn you 30 Beans!

:sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

2024 TEAMS:
:woman_mage: :crystal_ball: :mage: Witch Weekly :mage: :crystal_ball: :man_mage:
:newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll: Daily Prophet :newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll:
:cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone: The Quibbler :cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone:
:cloud: :broom: :cloud: Which Broomstick :cloud: :broom: :cloud:



:sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles: :unicorn: :beers: :owl: :zap: :broom: :mage: :sparkles: :european_castle: :octopus: :zap: :books: :crystal_ball: :sparkles:

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans

:woman_mage: :crystal_ball: :mage: Witch Weekly :mage: :crystal_ball: :man_mage:
AntBee: Cupboard Under the Stairs, Housecraft - Scrap Busting, Hogsmeade Station, Paddington Station, Privet Drive, Dudley’s 2nd Bedroom, Hospital Wing, Madam Malkin’s, King’s Cross,
Inselaeffchen: Hut on the Rock,
MistressJennie: Madam Malkins, Housecraft-Stash, Housecraft-WIP, Hogwarts Castle, Hospital Wing, Hut on the Rock, Paddington Station+BONUS, Privet Drive+BONUS, Cupboard Under the Stairs, Zoo+BONUS, Dudley’s Second Bedroom+BONUS, Gringott’s+BONUS, Forbidden Forest+BONUS, Minister for Magic #2, Minister for Magic #3, Minister for Magic #3, Crafter’s Choice #1, Crafter’s Choice #2, Slug & Jiggers, Ollivander’s, King’s Cross, Hogsmeade, Hogwart’s Castle, Crafter’s Choice #3,
plaidpineapple: Privet Drive, Hogwarts, Second Bedroom, Minister for Magic,
Leaky Cauldron, Flourish & Blott’s, Hut on the Rock, Hogsmeade, King’s Cross, Housecraft-Scrap, Leaky Cauldron, Madam Malkin’s,

:newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll: Daily Prophet :newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll:
endymion: Slug & Jiggers, Minister for Magic, Hogsmeade Sation+SWAP, Gringott’s+SWAP, Crafter’s Choice #1+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice #2+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice #3+CHARITY, Hut on the Rock+SWAP, Crafter’s Choice #4+SWAP, Privet Drive+SWAP, Madam Malkin’s+SWAP, Crafter’s Choice#5+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice#6+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice #7+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice #8+CHARITY,
tendstowardschaos: Gringott’s, Eeylop’s, Zoo, Hut on the Rock, Housecraft-Scrap, Hospital Wing, Privet Drive, Madam Malkin’s, Cupboard, Housecraft-WIP, King’s Cross, Black Lake, Housecraft-Reparo, Flourish & Blott’s,
Trillian: Hut on the Rock, Housecraft-WIP, Flourish & Blott’s, Slug & Jigger’s, Hogsmeade, Gringotts,

:cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone: The Quibbler :cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone:
irid3sc3nt: Hogwarts Castle, Cupboard, Paddington Station, King’s Cross, Madam Malkin’s, Slug & Jiggers, Crafter’s Choice #1, Crafter’s Choice #2, Crafter’s Choice #3,
jellybean: Privet Drive, Slug & Jigger, Black Lake, Molly-Scrap Busting, Crafter’s Choice #1, Hospital Wing, Paddington Station, Eeylops, Hogsmeade Station+SWAP, King’s Cross, Crafter’s Choice #2, Cupboard+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice #3+SWAP, Crafter’s Choice #4, Crafter’s Choice #5+CHARITY, Crafter’s Choice #6+SWAP, Crafter’s Choice #7+BONUS, Crafter’s Choice #8+BONUS, Hut on the Rock, Forbidden Forest,
Moonflame: Hogsmeade, Kings Cross, Hut on the Rock, Cupboard Under the Stairs, Dudley’s 2nd Bedroom, Paddington, Black Lake, Crafter’s Choice #1, Madam Malkin’s, Slug & Jiggers, Hogwarts, Minister for Magic, Crafter’s Choice #1, Gringotts, Forbidden Forest, Housecraft-Stash, Crafter’s Choice #2, Crafter’s Choice #3, Crafter’s Choice #4,

:cloud: :broom: :cloud: Which Broomstick :cloud: :broom: :cloud:
skrutt: King’s Cross, Black Lake, Crafters Choice #1, Hogwart’s Castle, Zoo, Housecraft-Stash, Flourish & Blott’s, Madam Malkin’s, Hogsmeade, Hospital Wing, Crafter’s Choice #2, Crafter’s Choice #3,
fishstix43: Hut on the Rock, Housecraft - WIP, Privet Drive,

~ Point Totals ~
:woman_mage: :crystal_ball: :mage: Witch Weekly: 4 readers, 500 beans** , for an average of 125 beans per reader.
:newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll: Daily Prophet 3 readers, 490 beans** , for an average of 163.33 beans per reader.
:cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone: The Quibbler: 3 readers, 560 beans** , for an average of 186.66 beans per reader.
:cloud: :broom: :cloud: Which Broomstick: 2 readers, 150 beans** , for an average of 75 beans per reader.

:magic_wand: Sonorus

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to welcome you all back to a reimagined Harry Potter Craftalong. Please note that we have done away with prompts inspired by Hogwarts Classes. After all, this Craftalong has been running since 2012, and you all should really have graduated by now! For this term we will be taking our prompts from the Wizarding World itself, particularly the locations we visit in the first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. In addition we now have Molly’s Housecraft Challenges, to help us mudlde through mundane tasks. And on occasion, we will have special missions from the Minister of Magic herself, Ms. Hermione Granger-Weasley!

You’ll notice that I have left off Advanced Studies. That’s more of a ‘for now’ situation. I have no problem bringing these back in future, but would like to do so in a way that doesn’t require me to track and manage them. I’d also like to have them framed differently within the greater Wizarding World. Allow me time to think on them.

Meanwhile, now that you’ve graduated, you’re also no longer bound by single Hogwart’s Houses. After all, ‘we are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided’. But since a little friendly competition is always good fun, let’s try regrouping ourselves into new teams. You never know who might join you! Our new teams are:

:woman_mage: :crystal_ball: :mage: Witch Weekly :mage: :crystal_ball: :man_mage:
:newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll: Daily Prophet :newspaper_roll: :owl: :newspaper_roll:
:cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone: The Quibbler :cyclone: :sparkles: :cyclone:
:cloud: :broom: :cloud: Which Broomstick :cloud: :broom: :cloud:

I hope that these fun changes will reinvigorate you all, and the Craftalong as a whole. I implore all of you who love this space, to participate throughout the term. But remember, participation doesn’t have to be a chore. If you’re too busy to post your own projects, you can still comment on those made by others. This Craftalong can only survive if we all want it to survive.

For those of you who missed it, Hermione’s Homework Planner has returned, and is fully updated!

And finally, I’d love to personally invite back all those who have been with us over the last few years, including: @Abbeeroad, @AntBee @Audania, @CraftsUntold, @Edel, @fishstix43, @gaudiknight, @katiebread, @melg78, @Moonflame, @noodle, @nettleseed, @PhoenixWolf, @plaidpineapple, @PrincessP, @tendstowardschaos, @Whistlefish

If there’s anyone I forgot to “@”, please @ them below to invite them back to us!


All right! Let’s do this! (Scampers off to copy all the prompts into my journal)

I am so excited about the new prompts and format!


Oooh, this will be so much fun! Great prompts!

May I ask that you add more sheets at the planner, @MistressJennie (I tried make a copy but that didnt work)? I would like to use the Planner!


I’ll make one for you! It’ll be in the tab list alphabetically so just keep pushing the right arrow at the bottom of the screen and it’ll show up eventually


Thank you so much! <3

You guys will notice there are a bunch of rainbow highlihgted rows at the bottom of the Homework Planner this term. That doesn’t mean that there will be that many Minister of Magic Missions. (Though there should be a few of those.) Feel free to use the extra space to plan items you aren’t sure where to fit in. And any craft projects that don’t fit the prompts can always be submitted as Crafter’s Choice, which will earn the same 10 Beans.


I’m not sure if I’ve ever participated before, but am thinking about giving it a whirl. Love the new format! Feel like I’d be getting in on it “at the beginning”, even though I’m not. My ADHD brain has trouble with follow-up, but I’m going to try very hard.


The Hermione’s Homework Planner might help. I’ll just made a page for you. If you look at the bottom of the spreadsheet, you’ll see usernames listed alphabetically. Just scroll to your page, and you can use it to plan, make notes to yourself, etc…

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I love all of the new prompts!


I love it! I’m so excited to start!


It seems like it might be fun to re-read (or listen to an audiobook, or watch the movie) of the first book in the series while doing the craftalong. It’s been so long since I read Sorcerer’s Stone!


I just reread it for the first time in several years in preparation for this Craftalong term. I forgot how lovely it is.


For the Crafter’s Choice. is it only new projects (started during the term) or do WIPs count too? Just to clarify. I have a couple of WIP that I need to finish :sweat_smile:

You can do WIPs for Crafters Choice.


Prompt/Challenge Title: Madam Malkin’s
Project Name & Page Link: Aristocats Quilt
LC Contest/LC Swap/Charity Item: Charity donation to Quilts for Kids
Team: Witch Weekly
Brief Description: I used plenty of pins and needles to make this quilt, with scraps of Aristocats fabric my mom sent me. The black was from my stash, and the blue binding was purchased to finish it off, but everything else was scraps, including the batting.

Prompt/Challenge Title: Housecraft - Scraps/Stash
Project Name & Page Link: Hot Air Balloons Quilts
LC Contest/LC Swap/Charity Item: Charity donation to Quilts for Kids
Team: Witch Weekly
Brief Description: The hot air balloon blocks have been in my stash for 12 years, as they were leftover from making a baby quilt then. I made the 4 patches and inner turquoise borders fat quarters mom sent me. The pink borders are leftover from a quilt backing. The bindings both came from precut sets of 2.5" strips that mom also sent. The batting was scrap from larger quilts.

Prompt/Challenge Title: Housecraft - WIP
Project Name & Page Link: “Jellybeans” Quilts
LC Contest/LC Swap/Charity Item: Charity donation to Quilts for Kids
Team: Witch Weekly
Brief Description: Half of these rainbow blocks (and the making for 7/8ths of the rest) were leftover from a baby quilt I made 15 years ago. I had 20 done, and the strip sets for 2 rows of another 20, but I was missing a strip of pink to finish the rest off. I used a similar pink from my stash, and managed to make another 19 blocks, giving me 39. That gave me enough to make 2 small kid quilts, one square and one rectangle. I loved clearing these out of my stash, and giving them purpose!


Mistress Jennie, I’ve been re-reading as well (the Mina Limas for the 1st 3) and they really are lovely aren’t they? I’ve seen the movies a lot with my youngest - we still put them on sometimes when she comes over, but I hadn’t re-read them for a while, and I’m so enjoying them.

LOVE the prompts. I just finished some things and am going to post before they all pile up and intimidate me!

Prompt/Challenge Title: Hogsmeade Station
**Project Name & Page Link:**Soot Sprite Car Coaster
Team: Quibbler
Brief Description I am learning how to do punch needle, and having a lot of fun. I made this for one of my daughters. TBH the konpeito candies need some help, but she’ll love it anyway. This one is under 4x4 and is also dark :slight_smile:

Prompt/Challenge Title: King’s Cross Station
**Project Name & Page Link:**Totoro Coaster
Team: Quibbler
Brief Description More punch needle! This is also for my daughter! I’m having a lot of fun with this!

Prompt/Challenge Title: Hut on the Rock
**Project Name & Page Link:**Hufflepuff Mittens Here is the link to the pattern on Ravelry.
Team: Quibbler
Brief Description I believe I started these 2 years ago. When I FINALLY got done with the first after over a year, I started the second and then put them down for a bit and was afraid to pick them back up again. For me, they are totally over the top. I’ve never knitted anything so detailed before. I adore how they turned out and am so glad I made them. Since this was a WIP, I’ll understand if they don’t count. I still wanted to share them! :smiley:


@MistressJennie: Your quilts are gorgeous, and love that you contribute to charities.

@Moonflame: Such a cool Totoro coaster! And the Hufflepuff mittens are amazing, too. Must have felt so good to finish them. I just started knitting, and I’m too intimidated to do anything with that level of detail.

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