Altered Photo Ad 4x6

A while ago, my Walmart pickup order came with a freebie pack. One of the ads in it was a surprisingly nice weight (as ads go), so I set it aside for potential papercrafting.

Enter the recent 4x6 swap. The original ad was 5x7, so I cut it down to size and hit it with some white gesso to start masking the background. I hadn’t fully figured out what I was doing with it yet but knew the girl was going to be sitting on something and not in the woods.

The new background is pink, purple, and white craft paint. Her headpiece and the cloud came from a coloring book; I colored them with distress ink and traced the details in gel pen. The sentiment is from a Tim Holtz sticker pack. The tendrils/streamers coming out the headpiece I did with metallic craft paint.


I’m pretty happy with the end result; it was almost a little hard to send her off. Thanks for looking!


It’s so whimsical and fun. A huge transformation for the better!

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Nice use of “junk”…it shows your imagination as well…love the colors and hearing your process…

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Such a clever idea - and it looks fabulous!! Yay for free/junk art supplies!

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I love how she turned out. I never would have guessed where you found her picture, but thought of asking. This is one of my favorite pieces you’ve shared! Nicely done!


Thanks, everyone!

I may or may not have a couple of pieces of junk mail set aside for treatment. (I totally do. One is already started.)

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:unicorn: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your cool craft is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :gift_heart:

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Whoop whoop! Thank you!

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