4x6 Art Swap Round 4 - Gallery

So much gorgeous art to admire!

art by pioneer9

Swap Thread

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This is going to be a great gallery to watch come together!

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I’m going to camp out here to watch the loveliness arrive!
And perhaps I’ll be inspired to go ahead & make some 4x6 art so I’ll be all set
for a future round :wink:

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Was I the first to receive? Lucky me! From @LuckyXIIICreations, this really pretty (masterboard?) bird on a paint black background and sealed glossy!

How did she know I like birds? :rofl:

Thank you!


I received from @Reinikka yesterday.

It is titled Play and Create.

It is made from book pages, collage bits, and a master board (?), with ribbon.

Thank you, Reinikka!!


I’m happy you like it. I wanted to do more but everything I was trying with it just didn’t look right. I know it’s very simple but hoped it’d be okay. also, that is one of the washi birds I made earlier this year!

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I was playing with scraps/leftovers :slight_smile: The swipey painted paper is a masterboard, used to be a page from an old recipe book. The background and frame pieces were leftover from another swap project that I haven’t sent yet :wink: The only β€œnew” pieces were the tag I built things on and the ribbon. It was fun limiting myself to mostly scraps! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I received from @Reinikka as well. Very cute and fun. I love it. :smiley:


always love your use of musical pages!

and @LuckyXIIICreations – very impressive washi bird!

Yay! Art has started arriving in the gallery :sparkles: :art: :sparkles: :art: :sparkles: :art: :sparkles:

@LuckyXIIICreations - That is such a sweet bird - the vibrant colours really glow against the black too!

@Reinikka - the layering of all those gorgeous colours and textures looks wonderful!

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I received from @pioneer9 i absolutely love her art and this piece is no exception!


Such awesome art so far! Here’s the piece I received from @LuckyXIIICreations:

It’s so green and lively! I love it. Thank you Lucky! :green_heart:


It’s so beautiful! I love it too!

@LuckyXIIICreations I love how the songbird just popped brightly against the dark background.

@Reinikka The layered pages with tags are so fun! Beautiful palette

@pioneer9 Great uplifting lady. Gorgeous is a great word for it.

@LuckyXIIICreations Nice job on the trees, especially the trunk highlights. It makes me want to take a walk while we still have great sunlight.

@pioneer9 - what a beautiful piece! The figure is so expressive, and I adore the contrast and textures in the colour scheme.

@LuckyXIIICreations - those trees are lovely - the foliage is so soft and full of sunlight!

I received this fun doodled piece from @Cindy

I really like the pops of color.

Thank you!


I received this lovely heart art from @LuckyXIIICreations :heart: Is the heart a paint pour? I love the marbling effect :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you!


Yes, that’s from one of my pours!

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@LuckyXIIICreations thet bright colorful bird on the black background is so striking! And your trees luck great.

@Reinikka i love all your bits!

@Cindy so glad you joined in! Love the doodles.

I received several days ago and the week has gotten away from me.

From @Lynx2Lancer
So bright and colorful! It gives me Basquiat-ish vibes!

And from @pioneer9
Love the lady and the sentiment (which is similar to the one I used on the last art journal page!) ! And all the texture. I really like seeing the book print peeking through.


I love the diversity of each piece. Everyone’s own style is shining through.

The background on that Imagine from @Lynx2Lancer is beautiful.

I love the pour heart from @LuckyXIIICreations.

The cut out diamonds on the tag piece from @Reinikka is such a cool detail. And I love the tag, too.

Both pieces from @pioneer9 are so unique with great details. I love the dresses in particular. (PS - shout out to a fellow Jersey crafter. :wink:)

And @Cindy’s doodles are mesmerizing.