Aqua Blue Crochet Dishcloths--F&T 2020 Q1 Contest Entry

I received this beautiful aqua blue yarn in my very last swap on Instagram before I deleted my account.

I’ve been trying to decide what to make, and when this challenge came up, I decided that even though cotton yarn is stronger for dishcloths, I would use it.

I found this pattern on Ravelry.

Over the course of several hours this evening, I crocheted a pair.

Thanks for looking!


Very pretty color, and a fancy-looking stitch. Nicely done!

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I like the pattern you chose. I’ve done similar patterns and that makes a good dishcloth. Pretty color too!

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Pretty! I’m such a sucker for anything this colour at the moment!

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Pretty color and pattern…will the wool hold more water than cotton or absorb it more? I know they make diaper covers out of wool because it is so absorbent…hmmm…you will need to let us know how they compare to the cotton.

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Beautiful yarn! And thank you for participating in the challenge!!!

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Ooh, those are pretty!

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Very nice! What a beautiful color.

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I love that color and the stitch! So pretty.

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@AIMR I’ll let you know!

Ok, so I had the chance to use them today.

They are very soft and smooth when wet. I like the feel, but it’s not a great feel for dishcloths…maybe better for a washcloth?

They also stretch quite a bit when wet.

So, overall, while it looks pretty and is functional as a washcloth, this wool was not a better choice than cotton.

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The color is lovely! Great job!!

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I just want to update that after posting this in February, and apparently using one dishcloth more than the other, that this yarn ends up felting which in turn makes these much more useable as dishcloths!


I also like the denser cloths…I am surprised that the superwash wool felted! Good to know!

I was pleasantly surprised, too.

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