Art Journaling Craftalong - 2021

That was from @geekgirl! Nicely done, beautiful you :heart:

Thank you for the correction :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Oh, via me, I’m sure you’re right. She sent me a whack of them, I still have a couple. They are so charming.

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@Bel - I love it! It has a misty, foggy, whimsical feel to it

@marionberries - your porch looks awesome!

@calluna such great shapes and I like all the feathery marks and the black paint is a great idea. Awesome effect.

That’s a good idea. I edited my post and here’s the list I used

Canson 98lb mixed media paper
White gesso
Liquitex acrylic inks
White acrylic paint
Black ink in a fine liner bottle. The type of black ink that comes with those old fashioned pens with the metal nibs and put dip the pen in the ink ( got the set in an art snacks box)
Signs uniball vision elite gel pen

@Edel I like your page and that we inspired you to do more!
If anything maybe it needs a few larger black splatters or marks?


I finished up one of the trash pages I start tonight.

I used several shades of copper and gold acrylic paint, black ink, brownish distress stain, some copper tape, black, copper, and gold gel pens

The before


So cool. I’ve been saving trash, lol.

4 more hours:

Not done but liking it so far!


I really enjoyed this video - I’m loving looking at all your pages, they are all gorgeous!

@photojenn your page is so pretty! I love the splatter and colours on the page before you added the white too. I would have found it hard to cover it up, but the ink colours come through the white subtly, and the final effect is beautiful!

@Abbeeroad your colour combination is fabulous! The outlining looks so lively and organic too, the pods feel like they’re growing - brilliant!

Wow, @Magpie, that painty mess looks amazing!! So much happy goodness! I adore all that colour and visual texture and detail in that last pic!

@AIMR that page is gorgeous! I love how you did your writing, and the little tendrils from the tops of the pods and defining the bottom of the page.

@Edel that watercolour effect is so light and ethereal! There’s such a birdlike quality in this. The gold and the splatters from the bottom work so well too. And then your golden bee page is fantastic! Will look forward to seeing how you finish it off.

@geekgirl There’s so much energy in your beautiful colours! The outlining and writing have so much oomph too, I like the smudges. And then you get a totally different feel in the deeper colours in the 4x6 piece - fabulous! Your trash page is brilliant, the metallic works so well with the textured layers.

@Bel your page is beautiful! I especially love how you overlapped the pods and the echoed shapes in the background, it gives the impression of a field stretching into the distance.

@marionberries your porch looks wonderful! such a happy place!

@calluna wow I love how you took these techniques in several different directions - the layering, the colours, the ink splatters, the black and flowers - each one is fantastic!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone - it’s all so great. I will take a pic of mine once the sun comes up :smile:

It was so wonderful to start my work (!) week with some happy creative time with all of you wonderful friends! Only problem - now I NEED some acrylic inks, and some distress oxides, and some magical powders, and …


It was so hard to cover up! I loved the background then when I added the white I immediately regretted it. Here was my pretty background after adding white.

I was so sad! Then I added the black outlines and splatters and was in love with it again! This was definitely a lesson in trusting the process!

How was your first day??


Trusting the process - so true!! So good that you didn’t give up on it. Seeing that makes me think I should go back to pieces I’ve abandoned as failures, and see if adding more layers could transform them.

I’ve been having a very busy time with my new job, lots of new stuff to learn, but everyone is friendly and helpful, so it’s going pretty well so far :smile:

This is my finished page…

I used watered down acrylics for the first layer, gesso, then smeared a little copper acrylic paint on the pods and some background. I used a black pencil for the drawing and writing, which had a more smudgy effect, and a tiny bit of black inktense to shade the pods a bit.


I really like seeing in progress shots. I think it helps show that you don’t get a great page immediately. It takes some layering and like you said - trusting the process.


This looks great and I see what someone said (Linda?) about you leaving nice white spaces. I like that. I’ll have to remember to try it.

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A couple people on the last zoom mentioned wanting to do a video again that had circles on it

Is it this one?

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Love your pod shapes. The copper works beautifully with the other colours and gives a lovely autumn vibe.

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I loved that one and yes, that is the one we were talking about!

I did two canvas pieces from this video and both are framed and hanging in my house.

I am thinking of doing the pod one on canvas as well.

@jemimah…I love that you did some half pods…gives the piece more of a dimensional look rather than flat…also, the colors are fabulous with the tough of metallic!


Yes! That was me! I love the way @jemimah creates a “negative” focal space in her pieces. I have to try to incorporate that as well.

Oooo…the circles look fun and isn’t one of the ones I had pinned. Would love to try!


I don’t think I had joined the zooms yet when you all did this one so I’d definitely be interested in doing this one.


Thank you!

I’m finding that my art journal is a good place to practice some ideas and techniques about composition. I have some great tips written down somewhere about composition, from ages ago - I must dig them out and refresh my memory, I think they would be super helpful, for any style of art.

The circles video was great, I’m happy to do any and all videos with our group whenever I can :smile:


I would love some tips on composition if you’re willing to share with us! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Me too!

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Oh for sure!! I will have to dig it out though … I think I know where to look …

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