Art Journaling Craftalong - 2022

I love how that turned out! It’s so visually interesting!

I just watched the first Art2Life video. I thought it was interesting and lots of good points to lead people into creating an appealing composition. I did not create anytthing.


Second page from tonight


Very, very nice!


I posted on your Instagram- love this and love the fodder houses!


I recently re-found my zentangle book and was trying some of those patterns out for an item which I may just have sent out for a swap :grin:.

Then I started looking at the videos for a sort of art therapy kind of thing (argh wherrre on here did someone post about that? It was a technique someone was asking about and some of you had heard of it some of you hadn’t? It was a gorgeous piece with circles and lines), and noticed that the first video I found had a very similar technique to what I’d been doing with the zentangle. So I’ve been playing a bit with that.

This was just an edge piece of the paper I’d cut down to use for the zentangle. I started playing with it with my sharpie (versus micron) and I hated it at first but when I was finished I kind of love it! This just shows me that I need to practice more… and it’s ok to hate something at first. I’m definitely not done with this - it will either have more elements such as color or shading added, or it will get added to an art journal page as collage, or possibly both.
Even though I’m not here posting much I so enjoy watching what you all are doing and learning!


I think it was this thread on Neurographica


YES!!! Thank you!!!


Today’s page - swatching watercolors + wonky bit + light outlining/lettering

The paper is mixed media paper so but buckled a little with the watercolors but overall I’m really liking this square journal.


I like this as it is, but I also imagine it becoming a Bingo card of some sort! Like for the silly things that come up regularly in online meetings. But not irritating things, because it’s too pretty for that!


Hey, that looks nice ! Is that your first try?? Georgeus lines :slight_smile:


Thank you! Yes, that was my first small attempt - I was (perhaps excessively) pleased with the outcome! I was grateful that I saw that post you made, as it inspired me even further - thank you so much. :heart:


You have reason to be pleased with that, the lines were very good! I It makes me happy to have been a inspiration! Looking forward to see more :slight_smile:
I m experimenting a little tonight, with thick and thin lines, and varying the size of the rounding arches… extending and trying to make all my curves soo smooth. … gotta get myself a finer tipped marker to do the finishing smoothing.


Tonight’s spread in the back of my daily creative practice journal. I did a similar spread a few weeks ago. Doodling with watercolors is super relaxing


This is stunning!!


Keep forgetting to post the finished version of this…


I did another page based on the February prompts (minus chevrons)

Actually the page was mostly done and I just finished it up.


Who is up for some art journaling Sunday at 2pm Eastern time (March 6)

This one is watercolor based


  • Watercolors
  • Neocolor II Crayons - or some other type of water soluble crayon/pastel/etc
  • Derwent Inktense Pencils - or some other type of water soluble pencil
  • StazOn Inks - or some type of non-water soluble ink pad
  • Posca Markers - or other type of paint or gel pens/markers
  • White Acrylic Ink or paint

I’m in for Sunday!

  • yes
  • no
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Oooo…I’m going to vote yes, but I am a maybe. I’m trying to go skiing next Sun but the weather is iffy. I may also be home by 2 even if I do make it to the mountain. This vid looks fun!


Yesss!! I have followed along with this video before and really love the results!

I’m very behind on commenting on people’s art in this thread (life has been a bit over-stuffed), but I love looking at it all so much.

@geekgirl the depth of colour in that February page is fantastic, it makes the black and white details come alive

@megwell I love the layered purple and the pink marks peeking through - that page has a cool 80s vibe to me

@photojenn your watercolours just get better and better, the patterns are wonderful

@Cyn-energy that sharpie doodling technique looks awesome - I hope you’ll share what you do with it


I was working on my February prompts last night but it was late and I had to go to bed.
I will finish up the page this week and post some March ideas…

Also need to finish my master boards and inchies!