Assorted 50th Birthday Decorations

Annnnd the last of TheMisterT’s Old Man & The Sea decorations.

A friend gave me the idea for guests putting quotes, sayings, etc. on sticky notes and then suggested bringing paper to stick them to as she’d had issued with them falling off surfaces. Here it is in situ.

I also made these little How It Started/How It’s Going decorations with pics from when he was a little and some more recent pics.



I brought along small Command Hooks to hang them, but didn’t get a picture.

I put together some cupcake pics using the skeleton pirate from the koozies and Pacifico cans. The eye glasses are store bought. And I totally spaced getting a shot of them in their cupcakes, too. D’OH!

Again, I used all stash (WOO) and leaned towards greys and silver.


These are so wonderful. I have to try to remember some of these awesome things if I ever find myself throwing a milestone party. I bet all these little touches added up to one impressive event!

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Love the before and afters. You did an amazing job finding such coordinating pictures. I’m sure the party was a blast!


I bet you guys had such a great time! Your fun decorations were a hit, I have no doubt!

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Thank you, friends! I have just combined all the key bits onto an easy to save page, because I just can’t bring myself to toss/recycle them!


What a great collection of decorations! Must have been such a fun bash. As far as I am concerned, you are the hostess with the mostest amazing party items.


THANK YOU! It was a fun time for sure!

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