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Swap Thread

Participant Send To Date Sent All Partners
geekgirl Tee, Bunny1kenobi, curiousfae
curiousfae Tapestry 4/25, LindyBlues 4/27, geekgirl 4/15/24
Tapestry Abberoad 4/20, curiousfae 4/22 4/15/24 yes
gozer Myruka, JeanneLeigh 4/30 4/27
Abberoad Tapestry 4/25 4/22/24 yes
JeanneLeigh pioneer9, thanate, gozer 4/29/24
Bunny1kenobi thanate 4/26, geekgirl 4/20, Megwell 4/22 4/26
Tee geekgirl, kwality 4/30/24
Myruka gozer 4/23, Kwality 4/21, LindyBlues 4/27 4/15/24 yes
LindyBlues curiousfae, Myruka, Megwell 5/1/24
Townie pioneer10 4/27 4/22/24 yes
Megwell LindyBlues, Bunny1kenobi
Kwality tee, Myruka
pioneer9 JeanneLeigh, Townie 4/30
thanate JeanneLeigh, Bunny1kenobi

I received today from @Tapestry!! They are so awesome and perfect for me.

Love, love Leia. She’s awesome!

And a skiing (!!) Lisa Simpson is just epic:

And a beautiful positive affirmation to round out a perfect package:

Thank you so much @Tapestry!! :heart:


Yay! So glad they arrived safe. I loved making them and am thrilled you like them.

I adore Leia! Her eyes are so expressive.

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I received from @Myruka. They are absolutely amazing! She mixed up my themes to create these awesome works of art:

Hearts with a bit of scrappy in bold colors.

Cryptids with the Fresno Nightcrawler and a friendly dog.

Robot with cute monster!

Thank you so very much!!!


Yay!!! I’m so happy you like them. I had fun mixing your themes. Making these just made me so happy :smiley:

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All three are so cute! The robot & monster need their own picturebook!

I agree! So sweet.

I recd from @Tapestry

Really lovely background. The dainty flower is perfect.

Your space background is so cool! Love tiny sparkles.

And this beautiful colorful moth. :heart:

Great additions to my coin collection. Thank you!


The gallery is off to such a great start! Love the Nightcrawler and robot/monster combo @Myruka and the flower, snark, and moth are fantastic @Tapestry! And your Leia and Lisa Simpson are super too @Tapestry!


Hahaha…the protons, neutrons, morons quote is great! I also really love the scrappy hearts!

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Omg! I just saw that. :woman_facepalming:t3: how funny and perfectly snarky.

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Loving all of these so far! There are so many such lovely hand-painted coins so far. I love them all!!!

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I received amazing coins from @Myruka yesterday! They are absolutely amazing!!!

All together. She mashed up my themes!

Bride of Frankenstein and Cats. I also love black cats so this is so fun!

A Gril with Horns & That should be in Space. How awesome is she?!

and Bill Murray. He’s not a mash up. He’s Bill Murray. Enough said. :heart:

I love them all so much! Your drawing skills are so amazing!


Those are great @Myruka - I love the combined ideas! The little snail with his helmet! :heart_eyes:

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Haha. Bill Murray is great!

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Fantastic pieces! Are they all watercolor?

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Awesome coins from everyone so far! (Less awesome job from me keeping up with commenting, as usual.) Definitely adding that morons quote to my snark file.

Adding to the awesomeness, I received from @Bunny1kenobi today! Group shot on the envelope they came in:

Adult merit badge. Fun fact: I went to the store yesterday after putting it off for days, so well played, Bunny.

Mixed media

A mash-up of dad jokes an unconventional materials. This 100 percent a joke my dad would make…

Thanks, Deanna! These are excellent additions to my collection.


@Myruka & @Bunny1kenobi - such cute ATCs!

I received from both my partners today!

First up, a trio of gorgeous Discworld inspired ATCs from @curiousfae! Eeeeee! She made Great A’tuin (the world turtle), Mr. Teatime (an unhinged assassin from the book HOGFATHER), and a Granny Weatherwax quote (she’s my favorite of the witches).

Next, three beauties from @Abbeeroad! Her ATCs are painted wood and packed with detail: the Tardis, Frankie Stein from Monster High (my daughter squealed in delight and ran off with the coin the second she saw it), and a reader coin (which soothes the part of my soul still mourning the reader hoopla I missed out on in the Garage Sale). Plus a cute mixed media heart note!

Thank you both for sharing your artwork and an awesome swap!