ATCoins R2 Swap Gallery

So many amazing additions to the swap! Everyone is killing it.

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Ooo! I love the moons, the grape pot, and the voodoo doll!


I received from @Kwality570 !!! As always, I’m just in awe with your art!

The themes chosen were mixed media, skulls and collage. Here’s the amazing trio

Maurice (I love getting a Kwality570 monster)

This really beautiful skull that for some reason reminds me of Jurassic Park :joy: I don’t know why … and I tried to get a close up of the glitter

And look at this beauty!!! The wings! Love it.

Thank you so much @Kwality570 !


All hail to the newest member of the Monster Family.

These darlings are from @Kwality520. She used my list perfectly.

The 1st is my fav. I told her that I wanted a monster so I could join the click here.
She named him Marty.

2nd is a cute bird that I named Purdy. Purdy Bird

3rd is a snarky that fits me to a Tee. I rarely keep my mouth shut. (I see everyone nodding their heads in agreement), lol.

Thanks girl. Yours should have been there long ago. I might have made the envelope (out of the box) but this wait is ridiculous.
(sorry, I thought it therefore I said it, lol)


I was just going to say that! Morons unite.

Ooo! That skull is really cool and I especially love the way the wings extend beyond the coin.

I’m loving that kwality monster’s fuzzy lips!

I received my coins from @LindyBlues!

Dad jokes

“The Black Eyed Peas can sing us a tune, but the Chickpeas can only hummus one.” :laughing:

Use your junk. The background here looks suspiciously like the envelope the coins came in…

An adult merit badge (that I aspire to)

Thanks so much, Mariana!