Axolotl plushies!

Just wanted to share these axolotls I made :slight_smile: They are made with minky and I made the pattern and embroidery files myself. The first one I made was the gray and purple one, but there were some things I didn’t like about it and it kept tipping over because the head was too heavy. So on the white one, I made the frills smaller/less complex and made the legs more distinct.

Let me know what you think!


They’re so incredibly cute! :smiley: Is minky difficult to work with?


Absolutely adorable!

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It’s not that difficult! Cutting it can be messy though, it leaves fur everywhere.


Super cute! :green_heart: I like the extra frill from the purple one, & the leg definition on the pink one. :slight_smile:


Adorable! I’m impressed that you made the pattern and embroidery files yourself. You’re quite the drafter. They look so cute and snuggly.


So cute!

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I can’t pronounce them, but they are adorable! Kudos for creating your own patterns and files!

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Eee they’re darling!! :heart_eyes:

Awesome I love those things they’re so interesting and fascinating good work also I just got this account yesterday and I still don’t know how to post

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Welcome! Oh my goodness! So stinking cute. Axolotls are so cool.

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Yeah they are, also I need help figuring out how to post, could you help please?

Sure! What do you need help on? Pictures? Posting in general?

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Yeah, just posting in general

They are super cute!

This thread has the most information and helpful tips, but if you need more specific you can always pm me and I can help you out. You can also ask questions on tips and tricks thread.

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Looked through the whole thing. I’m still confused on how to post a picture or drawing

These are so cute! I hope you continue making patterns and sharing your results. These are adorable!

These are adorable. I too am impressed by your embroidery creating skills!

These are too cute! I just want to hug on one all day. Was working with the minky hard?