Beet Malls and Bowling Balls: Swap ATCs

I made a couple of cards for the January ongoing ATC swap.

For @fluffypants and her “put on a song & draw what it makes you think of” theme:

It’s a mash-up of the actual theme of the song (astronaut) and the fact that my introduction to it was as the S1 theme song to Ed (big city lawyer moves home & buys a bowling alley).

For @Lynx’s “cloudy with a chance of” theme:

I think I just sort of reversed/spoonerized “meatballs,” expecting it to be nonsensical. When I realized that was “beet malls” . . . well, I couldn’t let it go :laughing:.

Thanks for looking!


These are great!


Fantastic! Your brain comes up with very entertaining things!

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And for the sake of this ATC, I for one am so glad that’s the direction you went because this is indeed, very entertaining :blush:.
I love the background on the bowling ball card and the texture on the bowling ball really draws my eye. It’s makes for a great foreground piece!
Also, very catchy post title :grin:.

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Super creative and fun! Love your lettering on the bowling ball.

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I like how textural they are. The best one’s stores make me laugh.

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Thanks so much, everyone! I think these are some of my favorites that I’ve made recently.

Thank you for saying that, because it didn’t quite work out like I’d envisioned.

I had a lot of fun with that. I toyed around coming up with a third punny one, but they were all too-far stretches. And ultimately it was funnier to me that even beets just have regular old Claire’s.


So clever to combine the song and your personal association with hearing it. The beet mall is adorable. Really fun set of ATCs!

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