Bias Tape & Piping/Cording/Welting

I needed custom piping for a project which required making a bias strip… a thing I love to make!

It was a more efficient use of fabric to make quite a bit more bias strip than I needed for cording, so the rest of it was pressed into 1" single-fold bias tape. I have no idea what it will be a part of in the future as it’s not necessarily my style, but I sure an enamored of it.


Pretty! It will brighten up any sewing project :slight_smile:

Very pretty!

Thanks, friends!

I love when you make this stuff!

Haha! Thanks! Me, too. :upside_down_face:

Pretty! I see it maybe around some dark color, black or dark blue, I think it will make it really pop.


I love your hand made bias tape! My honey got me some bias tape making tools for Christmas and I haven’t taken the time to use them. Now I feel silly. Lol!

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Thank you, friends!

@Tanath The piping is for a darker grey print!

@Bunny1kenobi For me they are tools that get sporadic use, but consistent over the dozen+ years I’ve had them.


I love it and I love this fabric! I’m sure you’ll find the perfect project for it eventually, and you’ll be so glad to have it ready when the time comes!

Love those colors and pattern!

I’d hate that fabric by itself, but it’s awesome trim!

It’s so colorful and cheery!

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Thanks y’all! I think I definitely pique some other shoppers’ curiosity when I am examining prints by unrolling the bolt a bit and folding the corner over in a bit of an accordian on the bias to see how it might work as a tape!

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It’s both not my style, but somehow also so alluring. So bright and fun and fabulous that you can’t help but love it. Well done!

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I agree…sometimes you just have to find what the fabric wants to be…I have some seriously ick fabrics that when used for fabric twists or binding, turn out beautifully…I love that you found the beauty in the fabric…it will be just gorgeous against gray!

You guys get it! I was immediately attracted to this print even though it is nothing that would normally be my style AND I think it was meant to be in small bits. I am sure it would add a lot to a scrappy piece or some quilts and I am pretty sure that is what it was designed for.


Unique bias tape is so much fun and really livens up an otherwise boring project! And, I agree that the fabric would be a bit much on it’s own, but will add a nice bit of zing to something. It would be super fun on the inside hem of a garment so that you would just catch an occasional flash of it, or it would look great as the binding on an otherwise plain potholder. It would make a fun binding on a simple linen blanket for a child, too!

Somewhere, I have a bit of binding that I made a few years ago. I need to find it and put it to use!

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I agree! I love using a bit of fun binding on the inside of a hem or pocket. Other than the piping project, I have a couple ideas but those will only used a few inches each, so this will go into stash. I do end up using my stashed handmade bias tapes eventually, though.

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