Binder Holder for Household Management and Cleaning Zone binders

A while ago, I put together some binders for me and the kids to help keep us organized with our chores. We’re a household of 3 ADHDers and one AuDHDer, so these things sort of help. But we didn’t have a way to keep the binders nice and tidy and put away when not in use… which meant me constantly picking up yet again.

I’ve been saving the boxes of vinegar from Costco because they’re sturdy and I thought they’d come in handy at some point. And they did! Turns out they’re the exact size to hold our binders.

I know no one will really ever see the sides, but I didn’t just want to use a plain vinegar box. So I made it a little prettier.

First I cut off the tabs and one side.

These boxes are a bit uneven at the joints, so I cut those parts so they lined up.

I sanded down the parts I cut so they would be smoother to handle. Then I covered the whole thing with acrylic gesso using a very large paintbrush, because I’m not very patient.

Once the gesso dried, I used blue and pink bingo markers to make polka dots all over the box. Then I used black acrylic paint and a couple of brushes to make random wavy lines.

I thought I’d do more to it, like adding some collage and other mixed media, but by this point I was pretty tired and needed to get back to the kids. I really wanted this box finished today, so i decided it was done.

But since the gesso feels rough on the hands and I don’t like that, I decided to cover the box with an acrylic matte varnish-promptly forgetting that bingo markers are made with ink, and the varnish would make the ink run. But it actually made a pretty cool effect, though:

And voilá: a nice holder for our binders!

I had fun making it :slight_smile:


I like the happy accident of the color wash when you applied the varnish!

Practical can be pretty…nice job!


There is something so satisfying about making a practical item and making it pretty, too. Great idea!


Peak ADHD project! :laughing: (how many times have I got distracted over-making/decorating the thing that was supposed to make my life easier…? The world will never know, since darned if I remember.)

Looks like it went well, tho, & fingers crossed for you that it helps with the chaos. :green_heart:


What a great idea! I thought the ‘bleed’ of the ink was intentional - it’s looks so fun. (I also like your hammock.)

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How nice to have a fun and colorful space to put the binders! I should start looking for some boxes of my own to do something similar with some magazines. Thanks for the idea!

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Thank you for all the nice messages, everyone! I had fun making this and hope to make some more for some of our books and other paper materials that keep falling over.

@thanate… yep, I can relate :joy: I love making lists and schedules and things of the sort… the question is… how often do I follow through with them, lol… But I’m trying :slight_smile:

@SewCrafty I love the hammock too :slight_smile: We bring it in before we go to bed so it doesn’t get soggy with dew in the morning. I’m originally from Brazil, where almost everyone has a hammock. I had wanted one for a long time, and even went as far as buying one when we went to visit many years ago, but we never had a way to put it up, so I ended up donating it. My husband surprised me with a new hammock with a stand this year :heart: He enjoys it too, of course :slight_smile: The kids like it as well. I’ve had a couple naps on it, and it’s so nice.

You’re welcome, @AudiobookLover! I think making one for magazines would be great!


Making something both functional and decorative out of stuff that otherwise would have been tossed…. I love it!

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