Bob the Blood Drop

Bert, the big guy, was made with some leftover jumbo yarn, Bob is the little guy and is the correct squeezy size! Wendy the Water Drop is just Bob in Blue…


Bob the Blood Drop

Use him when you go to donate blood! He fits perfectly in your hand and can be used instead of the rubber balls wrapped in paper towels they give you to squeeze.

Suggested Materials:

F hook (3.75 mm) (you want a very tight stitch)

Worsted Weight yarn

Gauge doesn’t really matter, you can make it larger or smaller based on your desired stuffie size by varying both the yarn thickness and/or hook size.

Join all rounds with a slip stitch and a ch1.
SC = single crochet
2 SC = increase (work 2 SC in the next stitch from previous round)
SC 2tog = decrease (SC two stitches from previous round together)

Row 1: SC 4 in magic Ring (or, ch 2 and sc 4 in second ch from hook). Join {sl st to first SC, ch1}

Row 2: SC in each st, join (4)

Row 3: SC in first st, 2 SC in next st repeat from *, join (6)

Row 4: SC in first st, 2 SC in next st repeat from *, join (9)

Row 5: SC in first st, 2 SC in next st repeat from * to last st, sc in last st, join (13)

Row 6: SC in each st, join (13)

Row 7: SC in first two st, 2 SC in next st repeat from * to last st, sc in last st, join (17)

Row 8: SC in each st, join (17)

Row 9: SC in first two st, 2 SC in next st repeat from * to last 2 st, sc in last 2 st, join (22)

Row 10: SC in each st, join (22)

Row 11: SC in first st, 2 SC in next st repeat from *, join (33)

Rows 12-20: SC in each st, join (33)

(about here you probably want to add the eyes – I used just those safety craft eyes, but you could use yarn or buttons, as well.)

Rows 21-23: SC in first st, SC 2tog repeat from *, join

(stuff-as-you-go decreases)

Row 24: SC 2tog

(Cram as much stuffing as you can in as you’re closing him up, remember, he’s there to be squeezed so he needs to be fairly firm.)

Fasten off, thread tail through remaining stitches to cinch opening closed.



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What a fun, but functional objects!


@LindaP another Bob!

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Bob is the coolest blood drop around!


What a great idea!!

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Ah, I have missed all of your little blood donor squeezies! So clever and kind!

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It makes me happy to see your cute little blood drops again! I haven’t donated blood in a long time, but if I make myself a Bob the Blood Drop, it might remind me to go, so thanks for sharing your pattern!

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So cute!! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! And @Bunny1kenobi and @craftADDchick, I’m waffling on re-posting all the character ones from the site that shall not be named to here, we’ll see… Maybe to cut down on my posting I can put all the Dr Who ones together… though that would be a LONG post!!! I have two more new patterns that I do need to post here that I just made… :smiley:


Post them! And, if you’re worried about the number of pictures, maybe you could make a photo collage of the ones that should be grouped together. It would be fun to see them all collected together :slight_smile:


This is sooooo cute! must make one for myself - I still owe a 40 units to Cedars-Sinai for my major stay!

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Glad you’re okay, that sounds like a very big deal! I hope I’ve helped someone (at over 6 gallons donated, I should hope I did!) and I also really hope I never need any transfusions… I don’t know how I became a bit of an advocate for blood donations, but I really have…

(One lady at work was always harping on me to donate my hair, which I can’t, because 1 - it’s too grey and/or 2 - it’s dyed and 3 - I rather like having long hair. I finally shut her up because she never donated blood, and there are synthetic wigs and blood = life or death, so there!)


Yeah! We need more donor advocates! I’m the universal recipient blood type - lucky for me when I was sick. In the hospital for 2+months with many surgeries. Get your flu shot!

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How neat! I have donated over 2 gallons of blood… so this Bob is awesome!!!

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Is it weird I want to finally learn how to crochet JUST so I can make Bob?! I have a blood cancer and for treatments, I NEED BOB!

Which is even weirder because my dad’s name is… Bob. :laughing:


That is a lot of blood, my friend!

I love that there’s a use for Bob, other than to sit and be cute. Very cool.

I always like these little guys but even more I love that you make them :heart: