Tutorial Section?

Yes, if you’re thinking of the β€œfind your way home” Rumi quote! :smiley:

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Yes, please email it to me! Still working out a few details for uploads, but definitely don’t want to delay your sharing! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: At this rate, you are going to be our first official Tutorial Author, too! :raised_hands:


Hey, I have @jemimah’s Rumi quote embroidery project bookmarked to try but don’t see the PDF option. Will that be allowed sometime soon?

No date scheduled yet as it needs finessed a bit for our purpose, but it’s in the works.


I just noticed there’s a Unicorn designation for tutorial creators :unicorn:.
Hey @sweets4ever, I do believe I am a unicorn! I know for a fact I’ve got unicorn sisters here, I’m hunting for y’all! Where you at?

Magpie tutorials:

1 Spring treat bags with peak-a-boo window tutorial

2 Spring treat bags from sweater scraps

3 Tiny house tea cosy mini tute

4 Make yarn from old t-shirts

5 Magical masterboard tutorial, just stamps & paint

6 Reversible fabric gift bag tute

7 Freezer paper mushroom stencil step-by-step

8 Crocheted caterpillar tute

9 Fastest easiest face mask pattern & instructions

10 Sweater monster tutorial

11 Crocheted FSM instructions

12 Sweet potato patty recipe


I nominate @storerboughtcreation as a tutorial Unicorn!

Superdog & spud crochet

Crocheted chevron blanket

Crocheted Apache tears blanket

LettuceCraft cross stitch

I nominate @CatwithSevenToes as a tutorial Unicorn!

Homemade chili recipe

Apple dutch baby recipe

Knitted trilobite pattern

Garlic roll recipe


I nominate @madebyBeaG as a tutorial Unicorn!

Crocheted egg

Crocheted patterned ball

Crocheted ball

Crocheted hearts

I nominate @Annchen as a tutorial Unicorn!

Pan fried veggies recipe

Illusion shawl formula

Fulling a wool basket instructions

How to mend holes in knit

Monotone assemblage mini canvas magnet

I nominate @jemimah as a tutorial Unicorn!

Fabric bookmark tutorial

Rumi quote embroidery tutorial

Leaf potholder pattern & instructions

Bird watercolour tutorial


I nominate @Smeddley as a tutorial Unicorn!

Crocheted Bob the blood drop

Crocheted bird blood drop

Crocheted shark blood drop

Crocheted snail

I nominate @bethntim as a tutorial Unicorn!

Bacon onion upside down corn bread recipe

Breakfast for a crowd recipes

Crocheted sloth plant hanger

Squircle bag crochet pattern

Crocheted easter bunny pattern


I nominate @MistressJennie as a tutorial Unicorn!

Crocheted nested baskets

Soy candles

Crocheted rainbow wrap

Beaded bracelet

Guinness Irish stew recipe

I nominate @geekgirl as a tutorial Unicorn!

Pizza sauce recipe

Refried beans recipe

Masterboard tutorial

Crocheted swiffer duster

FODMAP friendly ranch dressing recipe


Ooh! I forgot about this! I remember wanting to earn this designation early on now I want to be a unicorn!!! :unicorn: :heart:

You are so sweet for going through and finding all of the projects that made all of the unicorns eligible. You get all of the glittery gold stars! :star2:


I had the morning off work for an appointment so I thought I’d use my time for something fun :grin:

It was great reviewing all the incredible tutorials & recipes that have been shared in the short time we’ve been here. Amazing how generous everybody is!

And also, Unicorns may be rare but less than you’d think. There were SO MANY other people thisclose to meeting the criteria. Lots of y’all only needed 1 or 2 more photos for your project to qualify. I’m sure I missed some that are simply not tagged as tutorial or recipe too.

I totally encourge everybody to review their posted topics, then list 'em up here for review. You need 4 with 3 photos minimum & complete instructions, no β€œsee my blog for the rest” links.


Awesome work, @Magpie!
Thanks for collecting all those LC tutorials here.

I guess technically the pictures in my crochet pattern threads are not in progress pictures… They’re just examples of finished products.

I might write out some other tutorials in the future and include in progress pictures.
And they wouldn’t be all crochet, since that is just one of many crafty/artsy things I do (or did).
But at the moment I focus on my creative writing and on making my not-your-average-blog, so don’t hold your breath for it.


Oh, I guess you are right about the photos. Your tutes made perfect sense to me, guess I was picturing it in my mind, lol.

Oh, these are amazing!! Thank you so much for helping. I will get these setup.


I set these up for you. Sorry it took so long. Unicorns are worth the wait though. :unicorn:
Thank you to everyone who has contributed a tutorial! If you don’t have a badge, but think you are eligible, PM me and I can verify and set you up. :green_heart:


Woot, and now you are a Unicorn! :magic_wand: :unicorn:


THANK YOU @Magpie for doing that research and @Gozer for making it official!


Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thank you @Magpie and @gozer and @sweets4ever!:green_heart: :purple_heart: :blue_heart:


Since nominating a bunch of y’all only ONE more person has been granted the Tutorial Unicorn status, I can hardly even believe it. I know there have got to be more, special folk are sprinkled around this magical place like glitter!
Check your posts, people. You may be a unicorn & not even know it :unicorn: