BOLO - Ornament Swaps 2023; Ongoing, and possible Sweat Shoppe Style revival

I plan to host the Ongoing Ornament Swap again this year. Signups will start around Sept 1 and run for a month.

The ongoing ornament swap, if you are unfamiliar, is a list style swap where you claim one ornament from the list posted directly above you, you post a list, etc etc.

Discussion and Gallery from 2022’s Ongoing Ornament Swap.

If all goes well, @endymion plans to revive @gatorwrangler’s famous “Sweat Style Swap” that was very popular on our previous site. I’ll leave the details to her, as she may change it up a bit to suit her, but the concept was you crafted (x) ornaments ahead of time, posted your offerings, people selected their preferences, and the host would then assign partners based on who wants to “shop” from the another’s “sweat shop.”

She and I talked, and it works better for me to run to ornament swap in Sept.

Where does our interest lie? Are we on a good track? Let us know!

  • I’d like to make all the ornaments, so I’d participate in both the Ongoing and Sweat Shoppe Style!
  • I like making my ornaments early, so I’d like to see the Sweat Shoppe Style revival!
  • Ooh, I love the Ongoing Ornament swap. I’ll wanna play again!

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I would be interested in participating in the ongoing ornament swap again, but it was very stressful last year due to mail taking ages to arrive. Enough to put me off swapping for a while. Receiving mail is still challenging - we’ve got several parcels stuck in customs right now.

I’ve sent some happy mail this week and I’m organizing a flat envelope swap. If this works out then I might be interested in participating in one of these swaps again.


I clicked the wrong thing! I said I’d do the ongoing one, but obviously I am interested in both…

I think the last time we did the Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap, we had a choice of making three ornaments or six. It may be important to note that you make 3 or 6 multiples of the same item, so it’s not exactly like Shop the Swap, where you do an assortment of different things.

Sweat Shoppe may appeal to people who would prefer to craft according to their own tastes, as opposed to responding to someone else’s request/theme.

It is also good for those who may feel shy about jumping into an ongoing-style swap, for whatever reason.

Having said all that, I won’t be at all offended if we end up deciding to do just the Ongoing Ornament Swap. I personally love that one!


I like the fact that Sweat Shoppe lets us craft ahead of time, and all we have to do is wait for partners and send out. It’s a fairly low pressure way to have some holiday fun - and I’ve received some beautiful ornaments in past rounds!


I agree. I’ve never done the Ongoing Ornament swap, but I’d love to do a Sweat Shop Ornament Swap. That way I can craft whenever I feel the urge. I’m brainstorming some ideas for some monster ornaments now!


I might need to join just for monster ornaments!


Challenge accepted! Now to do some prototypes. If all else fails, I can do them for hte STS.


I would personally LOVE a monster ornament!


I would also love a monster!

I love both styles of the swap.

I started the ongoing style as to have an ornament swap, but not step on gatorwranglor’s swap baby. But, it’s been missed, so glad endymion is reviving it.

It looks like there is interest in both!


I like both styles of those swaps and I love ornaments. :slight_smile: I’ve received so many wonderful ornaments in past rounds that I hang on my tree every year. :slight_smile: :christmas_tree:


The ongoing ornament swap is one of my favorites so im definitely looking forward to tgat one!


Each ornament brightens my winter. Both formats work for me.


So @Lynx and I have conferred on dates. The current plan is:

Ongoing Ornament Swap
September - October (Lynx can give more detail if she wants)

Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap
Crafting/Sign-ups Sept 15-Oct 15
Wish List Creation/Submission Oct 16-22
Host Does Match-ups Oct 23-24
Send-outs Oct 25-31

Be on the lookout for both! Can’t wait to make and swap lots of fun ornaments!


I’ll just run the ongoing Sept - Oct, not both months. :slight_smile:

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Oooops! Sorry; I’ll correct that in my post.

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Thanks to @endymion and @lynx for doing both of these swaps! It’s going to be super fun. Now to figure out my sweat shop ornaments!


This timeline works out perfectly for me! I have a craft booth on the 15th, but I can craft whatever I want after that!


I love making ornaments. I prefer to tailor them to whoever receives them though.


The ongoing ornament swap is up!


I’m thinking of renaming the Sweat Shoppe Ornament Swap to something without the negative reference (sweat shops!)

If anyone would be upset by this, or if you have a good new name suggestion, let me know.

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