"Broiled" mushrooms

My youngest daughter loves these, so I make them frequently. They’re great as a side dish, on their own, or a substitute for meat in sandwiches.

The reason I have broiled in quotation marks is because I use the “broil” setting on my oven to make these, but to be honest, I’m not exactly sure what that does. All I know is that I’ve tried to use the “bake” setting" and they don’t come out as crisp. Here’s how I make them.


  • About 10 baby bella mushrooms, de-stemmed and thinly sliced (see notes)
  • Salt to taste
  • Olive oil to taste (enough to have at least a little bit on every slice of mushroom)


Place the mushroom slices in a bowl and drizzle the olive oil on them, then shake salt over top. Using a spoon, mix up the mushrooms so all of them have some olive oil and salt on them.

Place the mushrooms in a single layer on a cookie sheet.

Broil on high in the oven for 15-20 minutes, until the mushrooms have become crispy, turning with a spatula about halfway through. Enjoy!


Note 1: Some places may call baby bella mushrooms mini portobella(o) mushrooms or cremini mushrooms. They are the same thing, according to this fungi magazine: Are mini bella mushrooms the same as portabella? - Fungi Magazine

Note 2: After de-stemming your mushrooms; save the stems. You can use them to make “pulled mushrooms” later. Post about that will come at some point in the future :slight_smile:


These sound like a nice crunchy snack!

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that looks yummy, and sounds simple to make.
I’m adding mushrooms to my shopping list :slight_smile:

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Looks delicious!

The broil setting usually employs just the top burner of the oven, and is used for high-heat browning. Great for melting and browning cheese and triggering the maillard effect* in meats and other foods.

*browning. :grinning:

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The weird part is our oven only has the top burner, with a fan in the back (a “convection oven”). All I know is that a lot of steam escapes out a vent through the top of the stove when I use the broil setting in the oven.

Yum, is Speedy invited?

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This is probably a dumb English person question…

Why don’t you just fry the mushrooms? In a frying pan with oil (I prefer butter, but that’s a choice thing, oil also does the job)

Note: I just realised that ‘broiling’ is basically ‘grilling’ here and I would never consider grilling mushrooms

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Broiling in the oven is dry heat which removes the moisture to make the mushrooms crunchy. Pan frying them in butter is yummy, but they are softened and not crispy.


@Renstar, what @AIMR said. I also sometimes fry mushrooms, but the broiling in the oven gives them a crunchy texture that I’ve never been able to achieve when frying. I’ve never tried grilling them on a BBQ outside, but I assume that would give it a different flavour also. Perhaps this summer I’ll give it a try.


lol! I love how Speedy is making his rounds through all my posts :snail: :mushroom:

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I’ll have to try this. Sounds delish!

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