Butterfly embellishments

These are simple embellishments I like to make up in bunches and keep on hand

And it’s a good way to use up small scraps or ugly papers

Select some scraps. Here I have a half finished masterboard that was turning out ugly and some book pages.

Then punch out a bunch of butterfly shapes

Stack several together. Depending on mood and the thickness of the paper I probably stack anywhere from 3-10 pieces together.

And staple in the middle

And that’s it! Butterfly embellishments.
I also do this with hearts. And all kinds of papers.

And here is one in use on an ATC


Very pretty and I like that you keep a stash on hand.

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What a cute idea! I love how the staples look like bodies!

Also, I really like that masterboard. I like that mustard yellow with the black and teal you added. :slight_smile:


So pretty! What a great idea!


Fun way to use up scraps of paper :slight_smile:


I forgot a pic of the stapled hearts

I liked it once I cut it up in smaller pieces!


I love these so much, GG!!! Esp the layered butterflies!


love the purple papers

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What a great way to bust scrap and “ugly” stash!

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:heart_eyes: That’s amazing!!
I wanna try to repeat it

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Congrats! Your Butterfly Embellishments are one of this week’s featured projects. You are awesome!

Very pretty, even the “ugly” ones! May I ask what punch you use for them?

For most of them I used Recollections 1 3/4” butterfly punch

A few of them have smaller butterfly’s using a fiskars punch

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Mmm… I love those Fiskars punches. They’re so easy to use. Thanks for letting me know! I think I’m going to try this out.

My local Michaels has that Recollections punch and it’s on sale!