Cakes I've made over the years

My kiddos have all gotten older and the girls like making their own cakes for their birthdays now. The teen especially is a baker extraordinaire, and we’re never hurting for treats around here.

But sometimes I like to reminisce about cakes I’ve made for them over the years. I hope it’s OK to share here, with people who might understand my sentimentality over this, lol.

I’m no cake decorator, but I really enjoyed making these. Here they are, in no particular order.

Back to the Future cake for my son’s 9th birthday

“Sleepover” birthday cake for my oldest daughter’s 10th birthday. It was a daytime party, but she asked for a sleepover theme and told her friends to come in their pyjamas. I’d like us adults to take a page from her book and have all future parties in our pyjamas, please, lol. I’ve (poorly) removed her name from the bottom; it was written in fondant.

“Frozen cake” for my youngest daughter’s 4th birthday. Probably the easiest of the lot.

“Castle Cake” for my oldest’s 5th birthday. She helped quite a bit with this one and we had a lot of fun making it. This one we made from an idea in a library book. The others are my own creations.

Spiderman Cake for my son’s 5th birthday

Lego Brick cake for my oldest’s 10th birthday

Other Birthday Fun

I had fun for my oldest daughter’s 3rd birthday. I probably saw these on Pinterest at some point during that time; I know these ideas didn’t come from my head, lol


I like the rock candy sticks for Frozen. Fun!

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What a fabulous collection of cakes (and other decorated food items). They are all great! I’m especially drawn to the car and the castle (what a lot of detail in that one!) And the Muppet veggie plates are pretty cool.

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Love that DeLorean!

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Great cakes, and awesome memories for the kids.
My mom (and dad) used to create and decorate a lot of our birthday cakes when we were kids, it’s a sweet memory.

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Oh wow, I made that castle cake too! It’s in my spiral Betty Crocker children’s cookbook that I got more than 50 years ago.

This is what cakes looked like before social media ;).


I really love the fruit/veggie plates.

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