Canned fish

My husband and son love to fish. We all love to eat fish, so it works out. Salmon, trout, bass, are easy, but figuring out what to do with shad was trickier.

The trouble is, they have about a billion bones and are are a freaking nightmare to get out. And they tend to bring home bunch at once.

However, if you smoke and then pressue can them, the bones basically become gelatin, they are delicious, and then last all year!

So, I just finished a canning binge of smoked shad. Each batch gets a basic brine, a flavored brine, a flavor as it goes into the smoker. Then smoked with hickory (this time), then into the pressure canner. Quite a process, but now I have 30 8oz jars of fish!

Flavors this time:

  • lemon dill
  • maple mustard
  • teriyaki
  • lemon pepper
  • jalapeño lime

They all sound delicious to me! It’s pretty great that you have such a variety of flavors from a bit sweet to sour to hot! The jalapeno lime sounds intriguing!

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Cool! I don’t like fresh salmon, but enjoy canned salmon with the crunchy bones.


Genius! I’m so intrigued by your flavor combos.


Ooh! My mom used to do this with carp (as it was the only way she’d eat carp). To me it tasted like tuna and the bones were like canned sardines. Pshew! That had to have been about 36 years ago. :no_mouth:

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I definitely enjoyed trying out new flavor combos. Last year I just did teriyaki and plain smoked. With this many jars I want to make sure we dont get tired of it. Shad is yummy but very mild so it can take other flavors well. I’m thinking garlic-herb and cajun are next on my list.

Yum! Sounds delish!

Interesting! I’ve only ever had canned tuna and salmon. I love that you did do many flavors!