Cats, foliage, and mice~ linocut greeting cards

Got inspired in August to make some linocuts and took the plunge and participated in my first LC swap.

I made these cards for the Grab Bag Swap.

Then I decided to make more for the Greeting Card Swap.

I’ve really enjoyed making these and am looking forward to doing more once my job gets less hectic.


I really like these! :slight_smile:

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I am so pleased with the card I received in the Greeting Card swap. Your linocut prints are wonderful!

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Your linocuts are really nice! A very nice balance of small detail with broader swathes of color.

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Love this look! The red cats are my faves.

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I got the first set of cards and they were really neat. They were flocked and had a cool texture. I love that you continued with the idea and made Fall cards. The cat on the pumpkin is obviously my favorite!


Thank you for the lovely comments :slightly_smiling_face:

These are all so fun!
Very nice!

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