Challenge chain, post your completed challenges here, and chat about the challenges

Thanks! I thought it was a fun way to recycle one of the handles.

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Wow, both great projects!

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I like that you kept the other handle too!

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My response to @Annchen’s wallpaper challenge:

I made this for @kittykill in the Common Grounds swap. It is lined with dollhouse wallpaper.


That is so cute!!

I finished my join the dark side piece:

More details here, if you aren’t already horrified: 101 Dalmatians Altered Coloring Page


Here is what I did for the TEA challenge:

These are all on the back sides of other completed art journal spreads, so none will be facing each other when bound into a book. I’ll add more tea bag tags and notes as I find them.


Ooh, I love those!

Very nice @calluna


They turned out great!

Question: I completed a project that matches the newest prompt, but the match is entirely coincidental. I finished the thing and then saw the prompt. Is it poor form to claim a prompt when I’ve already completed the project – does that violate the spirit of the craftalong?

If the prompt has been sitting for a while it’s fair game I think. Someone might be more inspired by the prompt you give tgan the one up now, so why not? It’s just for a bit of fun so do what feels right for you!

Finished this last week and forgot to post.
The prompt was craft with a kid.
My daughter and I decorated and filled a treasure box for a friend’s birthday. She painted the box, I painted the lid and stamped the friend’s name inside.


I’ll take the liberty to decree that anything you’re inspired to make by watching this craftalong is within the spirit of the craftalong! :grinning:

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I think I’ll leave the prompt in play for now. Even though the prompt and project were apparently happening at the same time, the more I think about it, the weirder I feel about making the claim. (But, hoo, we are on some kind of inspiration wavelength today.)

If the chain stalls here, though, I may go ahead to keep it moving. But I’d rather give someone the chance to be truly inspired by the theme first.

I completely agree. This chain is all about getting us doing stuff, and keeping it loose. So whatever works in terms of claiming is good with me

Substitutions! (many & varied)

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I finally finished my FISHY challenge from @jemimah!

“So long, and thanks for all the fish” is one of my favorite literary sentences, and I snagged this laser-cut made by Nooo on the old site a couple years ago just to do something related to it. I turned the two pieces into an ornament I’ll likely give to my retiring supervisor. I went with normal fishy color because my initial plan was to mount this on a galaxy-print greeting card. Now that it is an ornament instead, I might attempt to repaint the whole thing to look like space.
Or, maybe, take it apart and go back to the galaxy greeting card idea?


Remember that claim I made, oh a month ago? No? @craftADDchick posted the challenge beanstalk

I started on the purple square, trying out a pattern, then moved on to the blue one since I had no scissors in my craft bag when it was time to change colors…

Now I just need to figure out what kind of motif I want for the purple square, and maybe make a couple more and actually turn this into something.