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Those are beautiful.

The smoky scenes really resonate with me (I live in a damp climate now but come from wildfire country). No matter what hellish nastiness is going on, there’s that occasional moment when you catch a full moon rising above it all, and the sad, still beauty in those moments can shift things.

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Here is what fluffy underwater television looks like to me…Perhaps what I did is more correctly described as “underwater fluffy television”, but we all have other things to think about. :grin:
I started with fluffy television:

Then made the “underwater” by putting the contents of a single-serving shampoo in a small Ziploc bag, adding blue and green watercolor. I folded and taped the bag so it would sit in the middle of the card and stay sealed.

cut out a frame to contain the water:

And hot-glued it in place; you have to squish the liquid around to see the fluffy tv underneath:

I’ve never made a liquid component in papercrafting, so it was a learning experience. For one thing, I used far too much goo for the size. And it would be way cooler if I had glitter in there. Even if it had turned out perfectly, I would still be too scared to send it in the mail in case it ruptured, so I don’t think I’ll do more ATCs, in particular, with liquid inside!


Your fluffy underwater television is SO COOL!! Love it :smile_cat:

I took @calluna 's Halloween challenge…so easy…I have a head full of Halloween ideas, ghouly thoughts galore right now.

I crafted this little chunky chunky house for fun. I had the wood blanks cut years ago and it just needed sanding and painting. Some paper, more paint, bits and pieces and here we are!