Challenge Chain 2021 THEMES, for fun and to get us over the corona slump!

It’s a new year and a new Challenge Chain!

I’m going to start the chain with the topic at the end of this post.
The person to claim that topic will reply with:
1 a little description of the intended craft
2 a guesstimate of how long it’ll take to complete
3 a new challenge for the next person to choose

This thread is reserved for challenges
—> Completed crafts and chat go HERE <— remember to tag the challenger so they can see what they helped inspire.

***Even if you aren’t the first to choose a theme, you’re welcome to make something anyhow to post and tag the challenger with.
***Remember this is just for fun, to help us make quick and simple little prompts to get out of the corona funk that so many of us are experiencing.
***If a theme stalls more than a couple of days, the challenger can post a different idea. Anybody is welcome to repost an unclaimed theme later on, they are all good ideas!
***There is no limit on claiming, but please no back to back claiming, give everyone a chance to play.

Your challenge should you chose to accept it is


Challenge themes from 2020 (archived)


Mine mine mine I’ll take flamingos

And suggest. Mushrooms

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Oh, mercy. Sometimes things happen just exactly how you anticipate.
I’ll take mushrooms to make a little something for a friend.

My challenge is squirrel

I will do squirrel…and promise it won’t be my great grandfather’s squirrel stew… :joy:

I suggest candy…or something sweet!

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I’ll do something sweet!

How about something GREEN?


I’ll take Green.

Something radiant is my suggestion.

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I am taking radiant because it fits with a project for today!

My challenge is “delicious”.

I’ll take delicious, as there is something delicious on my list of stuff to do tomorrow.
My challenge is “Square”.

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I want to play! I’ll take square. I made my first-ever twinchie last year and have wanted to make more :smile: I’ll give myself two weeks (but hopefully will have it done sooner)

My challenge is “water”


I’ll take water and challenge with


That’s a tough one for most of us I think :wink:

I’ll take finish (it’s the motivation I need) and I’ll finish by Friday.

My challenge is BIRD or JUNGLE ANIMAL


I think I’ve stalled the thread … always my fear when making a claim :confused:

My new challenge is … USE YOUR FAVOURITE COLOUR


I was tempted to choose your bird theme, I have a wip that would fit. I’m home sick from work and a bit meh so sitting around crocheting is all I can really manage for more than a few mins though. It’s a good theme, I would come back round with it again another time.

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I claim favorite colour from @Homerof2. It will fit something already on my hook. Bird would have been fun too, but my internet was spotty last week.

How about texture?

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I’ll take texture.

My challenge is leaves!

Stalled on “leaves”, hmm…

How about “books”? Reading them seems to be getting a lot of people through this corona slump, anybody doing a related crafty thing?

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(I admit I forgot this thread was here…)I’ll take book(s)-- there’s a book I got decades ago to hollow out taking up space on my coffee table.

Next challenge: glow-in-the-dark.

Oooh, I wanna join! I’ll take glow-in-the-dark because I have some thread I don’t think I’ve used yet!

Next challenge: It’s so FLUFFY

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