Christmas Card R2 Gallery

Swap thread

Post your pics here


I have received from @AIMR snd @Lynx !

This really pretty watercolor from @AIMR

And this colorful snowman scene from @Lynx
The background colors are right up my alley!


I love those blues and purples too!

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I finally got to use my masking pen and it worked!

Funny how @lynx and I gravitate towards the same colors!


I received my first card today.

Thank you, @megwell, I love how fun and festive this card is and your style shines right through!


Yay! I’m so glad you like it! (And that it arrived without incident :relieved:. )


I received all of my cards this week!

From @jeanneleigh

It’s a pop-up!

From @AudiobookLover

The gingerbread man opens up to reveal the message!

She also included some coordinating tags that I’m probably going to Grinchly hoard.

From @AIMR

You can’t really tell from the photo, but there’s an inside page bound into the card! (Linda, I’ll try to get a better photo tomorrow. It was already dark out by the time I checked the mail, but I wanted to get this posted.)

She also sent some painty papers that I didn’t get a photo of because it was dinnertime and I was hungry/impatient.

Thanks so much to all my partners! I need to get the tree up and display these.


I’m so bummed that the paint pen transferred/smudged! :confounded:Learning for me to put a liner paper in there, I guess.


I received from @Cindy. Just look at this beautiful card!

She included an ornament, too… now I need to decide where to hang it.

I love it… thank you so much!


Nice of Canada Post to deliver so quickly!

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I received from @aimr this beautiful card:

And from @geekgirl this silly cat. I love the masterboard background.

I also received from @AudiobookLover. It looks so professional!

Thanks so much!


it happens to us all! it’s super cute. who doesn’t love a Christmas dino?

I received from @AudiobookLover. It’s so cute. She also sent some tags

And some scrappy awesome ornaments from @megwell


@megwell, I really like that card! It’s a really good style!


I have received cards from @lynx, @geekgirl, @audiobooklover, @megwell…and I think there is a card in my mail today from @LovelyMiss !

As soon as my phone charges, I’ll take pictures…I already have them hanging up on my Christmas card door! Thank you guys for a bit of cheer!


Thank you for saying that. I…really wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out, and for quite a while, so I’m glad/relieved that what I tried to do is landing well.

@jeanneleigh no worries about the transfer! My eyes always go to the pop up bit anyway.

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I’ve got a batch of cards to share! I was waiting to post photos until more folks received because they were all such special surprises to me!!! I love them all and so value all of your creativity and mad crafty skills!

Here they are in the order I received:

An amazing, adorable, and meticulously constructed pop-up from @jeanneleigh:

A sweet snowman with really cool textures from @Lynx:

A beautiful and vibrant snowflake card, hand bound with baker’s twine (so cool!) from @AIMR:

And a “Meowy Christmas” card with the most perfect cat and layered paint background from @geekgirl:

Thank you so much, everyone!


I think the post office is holding my cards hostage!! I’ll post pics as soon as they arrive!

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I have received the rest of my cards! Thank you, @jeanneleigh, @LovelyMiss, @Lynx, @geekgirl, and @AIMR!

Look at this super cute dino card from @jeanneleigh! It’s so fun and creative. I love the pop up nature and a Christmas dino - that just makes me smile!

@LovelyMiss sent this card in an envelope that had my name written in fancy script, it had me smiling before I even opened the card! I like the use of the non-traditional colors for the ‘jingle bells,’ it really pops against the background. Speaking of the background, the white is layered on a holographic silver making all the stars extra shiny. LovelyMiss also sent a few extras as shown in the next picture. The little post it notes are so cute!

@Lynx sent this brightly colored snowman card! The background is really neat and the bits of metallic give it an extra bit of luster. At first I was thinking it was done with alcohol inks, but I’m not entirely sure if they act like that on paper. Whatever technique was used, I like how it turned out!

@geekgirl sent this fun cat Christmas card. I like how the background coordinates with the cat. The kraft paper border of the card itself, really frames the design nicely!

This neat watercolor card was sent by @AIMR ! I like the technique she used. The red watercolor both makes the white ornament pop, while also causing the watercolor piece to really pop against the brown kraft paper. I also love the addition of the baker’s twine!

Thank you all so much for sending all this Christmas cheer my way!


It’s so neat seeing everyone’s different techniques and approach to making the cards - they’re all so lovely!