Christmas dog cushion covers

I bought this fabric last year but didn’t get around to sewing it up until yesterday night.

I kind of botched up the zipper. It was late, I figured the zipper was as long as the sides, so I wanted to sew the zipper onto the fabric first, then stitch the sides together, like a giant zipper pouch. Somehow I didn’t notice that they were in fact a little bit shorter than after I’d sewn both zippers on. I should have attached the zipper like you do in a garment, sewing the fabric closed first with a large stitch, then add the zipper and unpick.

But I was too lazy to completely start over, so I unpicked the ends of each zipper, sewed the fabric together, pinned the zipper ends in place and topstitched. Topstitching is also wonky because of late at night. But the zippers are at the bottom so it will be pretty much invisible.


I love them! I’ve done that before with zippers and nobody has ever noticed (or cared)


These are adorable! They look great with the couch. :slight_smile:

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They are adorable!

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So cute! Nice job on the zippers.

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Perfect fabric for the holidays. :heart:

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Love them!

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