Christmas Craftalong

A Craftalong for Christmas!

I’m going to include a big list with gifts I want to make, but I love to see Christmas crafts that are for you too!


My mum is organizing a big family Christmas in a rented cottage this year and I’m planning to tell her this week that we won’t be attending. Unless there’s miracle cure before December we don’t feel comfortable going. It’s impossible to maintain social distancing all the time and I’m high risk. My mum will be gutted. It’s the first Christmas without grandma and she wants a big party as a distraction from the sadness.

To relieve my guilt I’ve started planning lots of DIY Christmas gifts that I’ll send in the mail. Depending on the Covid situation we may invite some careful friends over at the last minute.

For my mum:

  • Lap quilt I’ve already started
  • Something from my grandma’s scraps, maybe a wallet or purse. I want to use a fabric she will recognize and turn it into something she’ll use.
  • Knitted socks Socks
  • Homemade soap

For Mr Imma:

  • Same ornament as friend #2

For my family:

  • Small coin pouches with a few coins. A memento because our grandmother passed this year and she always gave us small amounts of cash because “our generation never carries any money and you may need it some day”. Where possible also from her stash.

  • Something Dr Who, Lego or Nintendo themed for my brother who always appreciates homemade gifts

  • Nicely wrapped seeds from my garden for my sister who has a green thumb but isn’t into crafted stuff this didn’t work out, seeds were rotting
    She got a zipper pouch instead Zipper pouch

  • Some DIY food gifts like jam, mincemeat and cookies Oma’s Dutch ginger butter cake

  • Homemade soap /

Maybe seeds for FIL’s wife who is also a gardener
Homemade soap

For lots of people:
- Tree ornaments

  • Zipper pouches
  • Coin purses
  • Homemade cards

For home decoration:

For special friend #1:

  • something dog themed
    Zipper pouch

  • something cat themed
    (it’s an in-joke, she loves cats and we love dogs and we always give a serious gift as well as something to “convert” the other to the “right” side)

For special friend #2:

  • Don’t stop believin’ ornament

For sewing circle friends:

  • Something practical that is ideally both Christmas and sewing themed

Handmade cards Cross stitched Christmas cards


I love LOVE love this idea! I will be getting my thinking cap on once I finish my puffin. (not a sentence one says everyday haha)

Sorry that you’ll have to miss the get together, this year is so trying.


What a great idea! So often, I come up with lots of great ideas for handmade gifts… and then inevitably run out of time and/or energy during the holiday rush.

Maybe this topic will help me stay motivated.

I won’t say what’s for who, because I think some of my family members know my username on Lettuce Craft, but my ideas include:

An alphabet-themed poem and book.
A book bag with assorted quotes about books and reading.
Set of felt ornaments based on fictional characters.
Set of painted characters.
Other ornaments.

Thanks for the nudge to get to work on these!

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@AntBee I’d love to hear what you come up with! Maybe a Christmas puffin?

@endymion same here! But I feel we’ve all deserved a good Christmas this year and I have quite a bit of time right now. So I’ll try to do what I can!

Here are my progress pics:

Finished this last year, needs to be framed!

Finished from a kit a while back. Needs to be made into a card. I know I have more partially finished cards around, mostly from magazine kits. I need to find & finish them!


A Christmas puffin would sure be unique!
I definitely will have some decorations and small gifts on my list. I am making myself finish two birthday things before I’m allowed to go a’gallivanting into Christmas categories. (Because i’ll totally just start allllll the WiPs haha!)


Oh, Imma, what beautiful stitching! That fox will make a very special card.

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I came across the best Christmas gift Idea on the LettuceCraft Facebook page! They linked This Etsy store that sells plates printed with handwritten recipes.

They don’t ship to the Netherlands but my sister happens to be good at graphic design so I’ve already asked her if she could create a ready-to-print design from a scanned recipe. I have a whole folder of grandma’s recipes including all her famous cakes. I know there are plenty of businesses around that print on plates. Depending on the price, we want to print a plate at least for our siblings and mum and if it’s affordable maybe for all grandma’s children and grandchildren.


What a great idea!

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Yes! I should so start now! I’d be so far ahead relative to any other year.

I don’t have a distinct plan yet but every year I make:

Ornaments featuring my kids in some way
Xmas cards - need photo
Gifts for my mom, grandma, and aunt
Photo calendars

This year I’d also like to make:

Dino hats for my daughters
Maybe a quilt for my BIL (prob not)
Stockings for girls
Santa hat for BIL (maybe stocking to match)

I try to keep the list reasonable but still manage to feel crazed and last minute about everything.


I’m in! Already working on a stocking for my DIL#2. Planning one for DIL#1 also but it likely won’t happen this year since I have projects up the wazoo planned (including some special ones for my bestie gozer) and we won’t be seeing them this Christmas so I’ll get a bit of time for hers.

Definitely bookmarking this thread! Great idea! Thank you!


My sister said she will do it! So that’s gift #1.

I’m glad so many people are joining me! It’s still summer weather where I live, I feel a bit silly thinking about Christmas already, but crafting takes time.


I actually have a Christmas puffin! A few girlfriends have a joke about puffins and one of them gave us all a puffin wearing a scarf stuffie one year for Christmas, so every year it comes out in December to decorate! I have to put it up high so Delia Dog doesn’t notice it and pine for it.


What a great idea! I am halfway done with a pile of quilted potholders that will be Christmas gifts. My family just drew names for Christmas a few weeks ago. I’m still generating ideas for them and this thread will help me find the right inspiration.


p.s. I also think we will bypass our big family gathering. This decision will hurt some feelings, but the consequences for our family contracting even a mild case of COVID are far greater for us compared to those in our extended family. I agree that handmade gifts may be a nice way to smooth things over.


My first thought: of course you do! Cuz you amazing!

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Awww, you! All the credit goes to my friend!


I found this photo on Pinterest. Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect vintage tablecloth.

EDIT: Here are my finished scarves.


Brilliant idea!

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I will also be away from my family and friends this Christmas…but, the idea of sending a little something handmade is wonderful!

I am going to have a few of my mom’s recipes printed on fabric and make them into recipes for my nieces and my sister. Most of the recipes will be for favorite foods we used to eat as a family when my mom was alive, so this will be special. I thought about doing tea towels to match with some additional recipes as well.

  1. Apron for Summer
  2. Apron for Donelle
  3. Apron for Nancy
  4. Fish painting for Bob
  5. Bookmarks for Bill
  6. Guitar strap for Jim
  7. Tea towels for all
  8. Pouches for great nieces
  9. Steelers Pillow and blanket for great nephew