Chunky Houses Halloween Edition?

I’ve been organizing this swap for a long time. You can make two or four houses that are in the parameters of 4x7 inches.
I have a pinterest of images from past swaps. It’s easier to show them than to describe them.
My pinterest of Halloween chunky houses


This is always a fun swap…now to see if I can find my collection.

Yay! :grin:

would love to join, been a long time since I’ve had time to swap - now I do :slight_smile:

Okay… I should probably start signups for a week, then start crafting until Tuesday, October…? Anyone have a preference on sendout? I’m thinking 19th.

Sounds ok to me!

that will work for me as well. will be watching for it.

I’m flexible.

Me me me!

Here we are! Signups are ready!
@Smmarrt @thanate @goatgoddesss @MissingWillow @WiccadWitch @RagingSloth @marionberries @SonjaBoo