CLOSED: Harry Potter Craftalong - Yule 2019/20

~Harry Potter Craftalong ~ Yule Term 2019/2020~

~October 1st, 2019 - January 31st, 2020~
Welcome to Hogwarts!

The Harry Potter Craftalong (HPC) is a way to share your craft projects, cheer on friends, celebrate your love of Harry Potter, and most of all to be inspired. Each term we have class prompt inspired by Hogwarts courses, Detention prompts to motivate you on mundane tasks, Headmistress challenges inspired by the season, & miscellaneous challenge prompts inspired by the Wizarding World. Complete crafts inspired by these prompts, and you earn House Points. While the prompts themselves are HP themed, your crafts do not have to be. You may craft anything you wish. You may join anytime during a term, and participate as much or as little as you wish. You do not have to ‘sign up’ to participate. Just post your first project, and you are in. At the end of each term we take an average of each House’s Points, and declare a winner!

To participate, simply read through the class & challenge prompts in the post below, find one that inspires you, create a craft to fit the challenge, then post it here. That’s all there is to it!

To submit a project, cut & paste the following header into your post, and fill in the required info. You can add more than one project to your post, but a header must be used for each individual project.

Class or Challenge Title:
SPEW: If your item is for charity, enter that here; if not leave blank or delete this line.
Project Name & Page Link: Add a link to your project posted here on Lettuce Craft, or to a recipe, pattern, etc.
Brief Description: How it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.
Project Picture: REQUIRED! No picture = No House Points

-Projects should take a minimum of 30 minutes to make.
-For a project to be counted, it must have a picture or a link to a picture included at the time of posting . If your item is a private piece, or is being kept secret for a Swap, you are more than welcome to send a Private Message directly to the the Headmistress.
-For any cooking/food project, in addition to a photo, you must post a complete recipe , or a link to the recipe you used. No recipe = no points.

-Do you sort me? No, you decide which house you belong to.
-I have a problem or question; who can I ask? You can send a Personal Message (PM) to Headmistress @MistressJennie . You can also ask questions in the thread; our participants are very helpful!
-Are we swapping? No, this is not a craft swap.
-Do I have to craft all the classes & challenges? Nope!
-Does my craft project have to be Harry Potter themed? No, craft anything you like.


~Class Prompts~
Alchemy In alchemy, each classical planet was associated with one of the seven metals known to the classical world. Some alchemists also adopted the “Hermetic Qabalah” assignment between the vital organs and the planets. The first planet we are going to study is Jupiter, which is linked to the metal Tin and the organ Liver. For this term, please create something inspired by Jupiter, such as something sandy in colour or texture; alternately you may craft something associated with Tin, such as a recipe using tinned foods; or finally you may craft something that uses water in the creation process, to reflect the Liver, which uses water to flush toxins from the body.

Apparition Apparation is an optional course offered at Hogwarts by a Ministry instructor, that incurs an additional cost of 12 Galleons. Some families can afford paying twice as much, but for other families even half thet cost feels like fortune. For this term I want you to be inspired by the numbers 6, 12 or 24. Maybe it’s how many rows you must knit for a design, or the number of ingredients in a recipe. Alternately, you can let yourself be inspired by the metal of our magical currency, gold, silver or bronze.

Arithmancy Arithmancy is a highly logical class. You must use your brains to find the answers. Did you know that the surface of our grey matter is covered in sulci and gyri? The sulcus are the shallow grooves and the gyrus are the ridges. For this term please craft something with grooves and ridges. Alternately you may craft something grey in colour, or something for a cause that greatly matters to you.

Astronomy Recently there has been a lot of news in the Muggle World about Climate Change and the marches organized to combat it. When looking from the Muggle Space Station down onto Earth, many changes have been detected, including pollution, decrease in the size of the polar ice caps, and extreme weather. For this term craft something inspired by the Climate Change marches, something made of a natural fiber or material, or something that can help with the “Zero Waste” movement.

Care of Magical Creatures (CoMC) This term are studying fairies. Tiny magical beasts, often conjured by wizards to be used for decoration. They are very small, ranging in size from one to five inches. Humanoid in appearance, with large insect-like wings that are transparent or multicolored depending on type. Please decorate with something tiny (under five inches in any direction). Alternately, you may craft something influenced by the wings of the fairy.

Charms The charm that we will be learning this semester is Arresto Momentum . This charm is used to slow things down. Please make something that forces you to slow down and concentrate; alternatively consider time itself and make something related to timepieces.

DADA A malediction is a blood-borne curse that is carried in the bloodlines of wizarding families. It can resurface after many generations to affect the descendants of the witches and wizards that were originally cursed. For homework please create something for a member of your real, or chosen family; alternatively you may create something inspired by blood, such as something red in color, something containing iron, etc.

Divination Continuing our work with the Tarot’s Minor Arcana, our focus is the suit of swords. Most commonly associated with the element of Air (astrological signs - Aquarius, Libra and Gemini) and the season of autumn. The Swords are commonly associated with conflict and strife - internal and external. They cut to the heart of the matter and can reveal truths we need to face in order to overcome obstacles. Swords relate to knowledge, action, power, and change. Please create something that involves knives or scissors. You could cut up vegetables for a hearty soup or use scissors to carefully cut out a sewing pattern. Alternately you may use your knowledge of divination to overcome a difficult project.

Flying Students are asked to please refrain from looping the loop on Hogwarts grounds. This flying technique, is dangerous and has no practical application. If students insist on this pointless practice, they should at least learn to do it properly - to that end we will be offering a small flying workshop next Thursday at 6:30. Please arrive having completed the following: Create a craft that features loops, something that turns upside down as part of its construction, or something impractical but fun. Alternatively, please make some soup to warm up after all this time in the air.

Herbology Gillyweed resembles a ball of ‘slimy, greyish-green rat tails.’ The plant was discovered by herbologist Beaumont Marjoribanks, though it was Elladora Ketteridge who discovered it’s effects, after eating some, then nearly suffocated before dunking her head in a bucket of water. For this class please craft something containing green in color; something long and thin, or something that uses an element that is long and thin; craft something that helps make you more comfortable in a tricky environment; or craft something that takes you out of your element , such as a craft or technique you’ve not tried before, or a craft for which you need to wear protective gear.

History of Magic (HoM) This semester we will be using a Pensieve in our study of history. It is a stone basin filled with a silvery substance that carries memories. Through the memories donated by our past headmasters we can actually relive their times at Hogwarts. For your assignment, please craft something that evokes one of your memories that you would like to share with class.

Muggle Studies Arthur Weasley has been pestering many people with is question ‘What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?’ As yet we have no final answer to this question, however it does present an opportunity for our Hogwarts students to do some research on the question. Please create something in the theme of ducks, or something yellow, or made of rubber. Or make something that could be used in conjunction with a relaxing bath.

Potions When entering the dungeons you see Professor Inselaeffchen dripping a potion on a small pumpkin obtained from Hagrid’s garden. Within seconds, the pumpkin is getting bigger… For this term please create something that’s “swollen” - something that has increases in it (such as in a knitting pattern), or increase a given pattern or recipe to a greater size/greater batch, or create something that “swells up”.

Study of Ancient Runes (SoAR) Runes are the shapes that make up the mystical alphabet. This semester we will be studying the alphabets still in use today. For your assignment you may either use text as a visible part of your project, or you can use text in the creation of it by reading complex instructions or recipes.

Transfiguration The Hardening Charm will turn any object into solid stone. This term please focus your attention on making something very hard out of something soft. This could be making a batch of hard candy, using clay (air dried, oven or kiln baked), or trying your hand at soap making.

~Detention Prompts~
WIP Challenge: For this challenge, please complete a Work In Progress.
Stash Challenge: For this challenge, please craft something solely from your stash.
Reparo Challenge: For this challenge, please repair something broken or alter something to work better for you.
Advanced Studies Challenge: For this challenge please put in 2 hours on an ongoing OWL or NEWT assignment & be prepared to show before & after progress shots. Please note: no before & after pics = no points!

~Hogwarts Challenge Prompts~
House Pride Challenge
Please craft something by your chosen Hogwarts House.

House Unity Challenge
Please craft something inspired by another Hogwarts House, or by all of the Houses/School combined.

~Headmistress Challenges~
Hogwarts Castle Challenge
December 1 - January 31

Hogwarts Castle is a magical place. Both due to the inherent magical ability of the witches and wizards who live and study there, and to the feelings it engenders in those who inhabit it. Many of those who feel lost and alone in the world, find their home when they arrive at Hogwarts.

In many ways Craftster/Lettuce Craft is a great deal like Hogwarts. Members come from near and far, to find their home, and their magical brethren, here on these pages of inspiration. Each of us has felt the spark of magic when we see something beautiful one of our fellow crafters has made. Each of us has felt at home when we post a project we are especially proud of, and the other members of our tribe express their awe and love over our work.

For this challenge, please take your love of Hogwarts, and of our crafting community, to heart. Craft something inspired by the joy and inspiration you find here, and if possible, please tell us what you love most about our community.

~Yule Term Holiday Challenges~
Hagrid’s 12 Christmas Trees Challenge
December 1 - January 31

  1. Angel - Each of us has someone in our lives we’d consider our real-life ‘Guardian Angel’, be it a parent, partner, spouse, grandparent, care-giver, or best friend. Craft something for the Angel in your own life.

  2. Baubles - Baubles can be simple glass spheres or intricate blown glass creations. During a season where we are often crafting so much to please others, it’s also important to please ourselves too, lest we lose our joy in the season. Craft something that reflects your personal style, even if you aren’t able to keep it for yourself.

  3. Bells - Bells are visually beautiful, but they also please the ears by tinkling any time you brush past the tree. Craft something that appeals to two senses at once: this could be a meal that looks as good as it tastes, beautifully colored and scented bath products, etc.

  4. Candles - Candles give our homes a soft warm glow during the short days and long dark nights of winter. Please craft something that will give the recipient a warm & happy glow.

  5. Fake Snow - Craft something simple with a purchased supply to give as gifts, such as Oreo truffles for your co-workers, or create hand stamped & painted envelopes to present purchased gift cards in.

  6. Garland - Traditionally garlands are made from leaves and flowers. Craft something inspired by the wintery natural world local to you, and tell us about what in your area sparked your imagination.

  7. Icicles - Craft something that needs to be kept at just the right temperature for at least for some portion of the time. This could include a snowman, frozen margaritas, baked cookies, or crisply ironed fabric.

  8. Lights - Please craft something that will light up the holiday (or heart) of the recipient.

  9. Ribbon - Ribbon is a handy craft supply, great for literally tying things together, or putting a finishing touch on a project. Create something that ties other items together. This could be literally connecting different components in a gift, such as decorating a basket you plan to fill with baked goods for your neighbor, or more figuratively uniting things, such as making a meal or special recipe that draws your family together.

  10. Star - Stars shine the brightest in the darkness. For this challenge please craft something that lets one of your talents shine. This can be any craft or medium you excel at.

  11. Tinsel - Craft with glitter, or another sparkling medium, as exuberantly as you please! (Other sparkling items could include AB finished beads, sequins, glass or prisms, or even sparkling wine!)

  12. Tree Skirt - Tree skirts are used to make a functional object (the base or pot of a tree) look good, and creates a welcome surface to place gifts on. For this challenge please craft something that is both functional and decorative, OR that welcomes folks into your home!

~Iron Chef Hogwarts~
The Secret Ingredient for January is…

Slow-baked, sautéed, or shredded for slaw, the humble cabbage is one of winter’s most versatile vegetables.

Parmesan garlic cabbage
Fried cabbage with apples and onion
Beef stuffed cabbage rolls

The Secret Ingredient for December is…

NOTE: The deadline for Bay Leaves has been extended to January 31st! .

~House Points~

Abbeeroad Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-Stash, DET-Reparo, Divination, FLOO-Cauldron Shop, FLOO-eBay, Flying, HEAD-Hagrid’s Pumpkins, HEAD-the Burrow, Herbology, Holiday-Hallowe’en, 12 Trees-Bells, 12 Trees-Candle, 12 Trees-Star, House Unity, Iron Chef-Cinnamon, SoAR,
jenleahlynn Arithmancy, HEAD-Burrow,
Mistress Jennie Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Charms, CoMC, DET-WIP, DET-Stash, DET-Advanced Studies, FLOO-Cauldron Shop, FLOO-Coral Reef, Flying, HEAD-the Burrow, HEAD-Hogwarts(END BONUS), Herbology, Holiday-Hallowe’en, Holiday-Welcome Feast, 12 Trees-Baubles, 12 Trees-Candles, 12 Trees-Fake Snow, 12 Trees-Icicles, 12 Trees-Ribbon, 12 Trees-Star, 12 Trees-Tinsel, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt, House Unity, Iron Chef-Cinnamon, Iron Chef-Sriracha, Iron Chef-Bay Leaf,

Donna HoM,
fishstix43 Astronomy, CoMC, DET-Reparo, DET-Stash, Flying, Herbology, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt, SoAR,
Jillybeans Arithmancy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, Divination, MS, SoAR
midkiffsjoy Apparition, Astronomy, Charms, CoMC, DADA, DET-WIP, DET-Stash, Divination, FLOO-Tea Break, FLOO-Cauldron, FLOO-Williamsburg, FLOO-Coral Reef, HEAD-Pumpkin Patch, HEAD-Burrow,
Moonflame Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy+SPEW, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-Stash, DET-Reparo, Divination, Flying, HEAD-Hogwarts Castle, Herbology, HoM, 12 Trees-Baubles, 12 Trees-Bells, 12 Trees-Candles, 12 Trees-Fake Snow, 12 Trees-Garland, 12 Trees-Lights, 12 Trees-Star, 12 Trees-Tinsel, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt, House Pride, House Unity, Potions, SoAR, Transfiguration
PhoenixWolf Potions,
Trillian Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-WIP, DET-Stash, DET-Reparo, Divination, FLOO-Coral Reef, Flying, HEAD-Hogwarts Castle, Herbology, HoM, 12 Trees-Angel, 12 Trees-Baubles, 12 Trees-Bells, 12 Trees-Candles, 12 Trees-Star, 12 Trees-Tinsel, 12 Trees-Icicles, 12 Trees-Garland, 12 Trees-Lights, 12 Trees-Ribbons, 12 Trees-Snow, House Pride, House Unity, MS, Potions, SoAR,

Audania1 Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-Ad Studies, DET-Stash, Divination, Flying, HEAD-Hagrid’s Pumkins, HEAD-the Burrow, Herbology, HoM, FLOO-Coral Reef, HEAD-Hogwarts(END BONUS) Holiday-Hallowe’en, Holiday-Welcome Feast, 12 TREES-Bauble, 12 TREES-Bells, 12 TREES-Candle, House Unity, MS, Potions, SoAR, Transfiguration,
Eddie SoAR,
Edel FLOO- Tea Break, FLOO-eBay, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt,
FiberAlchemist Arithmancy, Astronomy, DADA, Divination, Flying, HEAD-Hogwarts(END BONUS), Herbology, 12 TREES-Tinsel, Potions, SoAR,
Jeanne Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, Charms, CoMC, DADA+SPEW, Divination, Flying+SPEW, FLOO-Cauldron Shop, FLOO-eBay, HEAD-Hogwarts(END BONUS), Herbology, HoM, 12 Trees-Baubles, 12 Trees-Fake Snow, 12 Trees-Garland, 12 Trees-Ribbon, 12 Trees-Angel, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt, Iron Chef-Cinnamon, Iron Chef-Cabbage, MS, SoAR,
jellybean89 Alchemy+SPEW, Apparition+SPEW, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, DET-Stash+SPEW, Divination, Herbology+SPEW, House Unity+SPEW, House Pride, SoAR,

Ant Bee Alchemy, Arithmancy, DADA, DET-Stash, FLOO-eBay, HEAD-Burrow, Herbology, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt,
ErinAquaheart Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, Astronomy, CoMC, Charms, Divination, DADA, DET-Stash, DET-Advanced Studies, FLOO-Williamsburg, FLOO-Coral Reef, FLOO-eBay, Flying, HEAD-the Burrow, HEAD-Hogwarts(END BONUS), Herbology, HoM, Holiday-Welcome Feast, 12 TREES-Angel, 12 TREES-Baubles, 12 TREES-Candles, 12 Trees-Garland, 12 TREES-Lights, 12 Trees-Ribbon, 12 TREES-Star, 12 TREES-Tree Skirt, 12 Trees-Tinsel, House Pride, House Unity, Iron Chef-Cinnamon, MS, Potions,
imera Alchemy, Apparition, Arithmancy, CoMC, Charms, DADA, DET-Stash, Divination, FLOO-Munich, FLOO-Tea Break, FLOO-Cauldron Shop, FLOO-Williamsburg, FLOO-Coral Reef, Flying, HEAD-Hagrid’s Pumpkins, HEAD-Burrow, HEAD-Hogwarts(END BONUS), Herbology, HoM, Holiday-Hallowe’en, Holiday-Welcome Feast, 12 Trees-Angel, 12 Trees-Baubles, 12 Trees-Fake Snow, 12 Trees-Garland, 12 Tree-Icicles, 12 Trees-Ribbon, 12 Trees-Star, 12 Trees-Tinsel, 12 Trees-Tree Skirt, Iron Chef-Cinnamon, Iron Chef-Sriracha, Iron Chef-Bay Leaf, MS, SoAR,
TechnicolorAquahearts FLOO-Coral Reef, HEAD-Burrow, Holiday-Welcome Feast,

~Point Totals~
Gryffindor: 3 students, 825 points, for an average of 275 points per student.
Hufflepuff: 7 students, 1475 points, for an average of 210.7 points per student.
Ravenclaw: 6 students, 1775 points, for an average of 295.83 points per student.
Slytherin: 4 students, 1560 points, for an average of 390 points per student.

~OWLs & NEWTs~

What are OWLs and NEWTs?

  • Ordinary Wizarding Levels (OWLs) and Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (NEWTs) are advanced crafting projects
  • OWLs and NEWTs are supposed to be more complex and challenging than typical crafting projects. They can be in any category or genre that you wish
  • You are to choose the course of study you wish to take in a particular subject. Research your desired subject, find a facet of that subject that you wish focus your advanced studies. Form a plan of action, and make your proposal. The possibilities are endless!

How long should an OWL or NEWT take?

  • OWLs and NEWTs are more time-consuming than regular HPC classes and challenges. There is no hard and fast rule on how many hours a project should take, because speed and difficulty levels are too subjective. What we are really looking for is a project that will be a personal challenge to you. That being said…
  • OWLs should generally take 3-4 weeks to complete
  • NEWTs should generally take more than a month to complete

Proposing an OWL or NEWT

  • You must propose your OWL or NEWT before starting so that we may be your cheerleaders and help encourage you during this more challenging craft adventure
  • IMPORTANT: To be eligible to take your NEWT, you must have completed one OWL. If you have not completed an OWL, you cannot propose a NEWT
  • When you have settled on a challenging project that will take the required amount of time that you would like to propose, post in the HPC thread using the following header:

Project Name:
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, materials using, plan of action, expected timeline, etc.)

  • Your proposed project will be added to the ongoing list of proposed OWLs/NEWTs by the Advanced Studies Examiner, Abbeeroad
  • Please note, you may only work on 1 OWL and 1 NEWT at a time. Please do not propose new OWLs/NEWTs until your current ones are complete
  • You may propose an OWL or NEWT at any time during the semester
  • OWLs and NEWTs can carry over to the next semester
  • If you decide to abandon and OWL or NEWT project, notify your Advanced Studies Examiner, Abbeeroad, and the log will be erased from the record. Once you have submitted to have an old OWL or NEWT erased, you can propose a new one
  • Please note , after 3 years, old OWLs/NEWTs will be removed from the log automatically unless an extension is requested by an active HPC member

Completing an OWL or NEWT

  • Once you propose, you may start your OWL or NEWT right away! You do not need to wait for approval to begin crafting
  • Feel free to add progress pics in the HPC thread. Advanced Studies Fridays is a great time to share!
  • Once your project is complete, post a picture of your project in the HPC using the header provided below

Project Name:
Project Page Link: (if available)
Brief Description: (how it fits the requirements, pattern/techniques used, any fun tips, etc.)
Project Picture:

Posting completed OWLs will earn your House 100 points. Completed NEWTs will earn 150 points!

Challenge: 12 Trees - Bells
House: Gryffindor!
Project Name & Link: Hot Chocolate Cookies (Recipe:
Brief Description: Every Sunday my husband & I go out to breakfast at an Irish Pub in town. We’ve been going in every week for 6 years, and have gotten to know the staff well. They don’t bother giving us menus, and start cooking our usual when they see us walk in the door. They let us in out of the cold, even if we show up 15 mins before they open, and check on us via text if we miss a week. Over the years I’ve started making gifts for the servers we see every week. I had some of my Zesty Peach BBQ Sauce for each of them, but wanted to add something else to the gifts. I whipped up these cookie mixes this afternoon. I liked that it uses a pint mason jar to make a ‘half’ batch of cookies (rather than a quart jar usually used in mixes), and that the recipe is vegan friendly if you use dairy free chocolate chips. I also loved that it was a recipe I had never seen before, and that I had all the ingredients and supplies, except fresh cocoa powder. I printed labels for the tops and tied on sets of directions with baker’s twine.

Class/Challenge: 12 Trees - Candles
House: Gryffindor
Project Name & Page Link: Dairy-free Chocolate Truffles (Vegan!)
Brief Description: Fearing that a single batch wouldn’t be enough for gifts for friends, family and neighbors, I made a double batch of these dairy-free vegan-friendly truffles. OMG, I misjudged! One batch would have been enough! It was SO. MANY. TRUFFLES. Final count, 101 chocolate truffles in 4 flavors. The photo below shows 3. Since my neighbor Jena is allergic to almonds, I did the first three flavors, orange, vanilla-rum, and peppermint, then packaged hers up as seen below. After I then shut her tin, and walked it over to her house, where it couldn’t possibly be contaminated, I did a batch of almond flavor, rolled in chopped almonds. I rolled the orange in orange sanding sugar, the vanilla-rum in powdered sugar, and the peppermint in cocoa powder.
Project Picture:


Lookin’ good!

(eta: Now I’m NEVER gonna get to sleep! I stayed up to see what happened after midnight and now I’m all a’flutter roaming around these new halls and getting the lay of the land!)


It’s so nice to be home.

Looks around and starts unpacking


Happy Hufflepuff here reporting in. I’m so excited for our new home. I’m currently signed up for the WWP Imbolc swap and have belated holiday gifts I want to make. So hopefully I’ll get a few projects posted here in the HPC this semester :smiley:


I’m jumping in!! I’ve been wanting to get back into the craft along. I’m doing it!!

**Class/Challenge: Study of Ancient Rubes
**House: Hufflepuff
**Project Name & Page Link: Disney Autograph Books
Brief Description: I made these autograph books for my kiddos and their cousin for our surprise trip to Disneyland. They each were made with blank kraft book with scrapbook paper and vinyl shapes from my cricut. Each was personalized with the kiddo’s name.
**Project Picture:


Overwhelmed Hufflepuff here as well! Loving the idea of this HP Craftalong. Wondering what I can squeeze in before Jan. 31!


**Class/Challenge: Muggle Studies
**House: Hufflepuff
**Project Name & Page Link: Lotion Bars
**Brief Description: What do you need after a good bath? Lotion! All that hot water dries out your skin. I made a couple batches of lotion bars for presents/stocking stuffers for my family and friends for Christmas. They are so nice, and I end up making them every year. They are so easy. Mine have coconut oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, and orange essential oil.
**Project Picture:


@Donna Don’t be scared, it’s a lot to take in at first but just take one prompt that speaks to you and enjoy some crafting time! We’re all friends here in this no pressure zone :slight_smile:

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I have always loved this craftalong so much! Thanks for making it happen here :slight_smile: This has been a crazy year, and only in the last month have I been able to get back to crafting. Going to jump in again, I am so excited! It is great to already see familiar faces.

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So happy to be here! Now to take some time navigating.


So glad it’s finally up and running, I’m certain we’ll figure out the details eventually.
Can’t wait to figure out things a little more so I can start posting :smiley:

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Yay! It’s back! Also, for some reason, I was thinking that the term ended on December 31st (even when it was still back on the old site) - I need to see what I can still finish!!

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Don’t worry Donna! AntBee is right. Do what you can, and if you can’t do all that much before the 31st, never fear. We’ll start a new round of the Craftalong on February 1st!

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