CLOSED: Nerd Games - Discussion Thread for 2020 Games

I put this in the main thread as well, but just in case people didn’t see it -


Hello all! The Nerd Games raffle will be happening at the end of this month! If you plan to donate a prize, please send me the details ASAP so I can add it to the list. Remember, only those who have donated at least one prize are eligible to win the Green with Envy biscornu! And don’t forget to craft as many projects as you can to earn more tickets! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to a fun raffle!

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I only need 4 more projects before I will have crafted all the prompts! I have 2 pieces about 80% done. I am going to do my best to get them all done. Is anyone else close, or done?


I had plans to get them all done, but I might not get all the way there. I will try, however!


Nope. Not even close. But I should get a few more projects done.

I applaud all of you that either craft all the things or get close to it!


I officially crafted all the prompts! :tada: Whoo hoo! It’s been a LONG time since I have done that. Not sure I’ll be able to do it again any time soon but it was a fun goal to accomplish while wfh. :hugs:



Monkey made sure I was hard at work getting the tracking finished last night. :joy:

We survived Spring of 2020! This was definitely a strange time to experience. I’m not sure what the summer of 2020 holds, but hopefully things start getting a little more normal and a little less sci-fi (Murder hornets. Really?).

This season, we had a total of 20 active players! A total of 248 projects were posted, including 10 big time projects, and 9 research projects!

Here is where each team stands:

Team Players Projects Points Average
Running with Scissors 5 90 3350 670
Knotty by Nature 5 36 1250 250
Paletteable Art 1 19 480 480
Bits and Bobs 9 103 3965 440


Team Running with Scissors wins the Spring 2020 Games!

I’d like to give a special shout out to @gozer for CRAFTING ALL THE THINGS!. @Lynx, @Bunny1kenobi, and @Smeddley, you were nearly there, so kudos to you as well!

Battle Royale Results:

April # Results
Text 7 TIED!
Phone Call 7 TIED!
May # Results
Jedi 7 WINNER!
Sith 1
June # Results
Fresh Water 5 WINNER!
Salt Water 2

Thank you everyone for participating! This really was a strange time, and the Nerd Games certainly helped me keep my sanity. The fun will continue with the Summer 2020 round. I hope to see you there!

You can find your individual tracking sheet and the team roster here.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! Craft on, Nerds! :nerd_face:


The new prompts are challenging for me. I need to put my thinking cap on for a few of them. That’s a good thing. It will make me think out of the box! :upside_down_face:


@gozer, I agree! I’ll definitely have to think of things a little differently. I have a long list of projects to finish, so I’ll have to be creative in how I can get them to fit.

I love the Bingo game! Now, I just have to pick a card!


Getting creative with shoehorning a project into a prompt is so fun



I posted this in the main craftalong thread, but I’m putting it here as well to make sure everyone sees it. :slight_smile:

Hi all, and congratulations for making it through the first half of this truly unusual year! Now that the spring season is over, it’s time for the raffle!! Due to the number of prizes donated and my own tardiness at setting up this post, I’m going to tweak the rules a bit; namely, you can enter up to 15 tickets per prize, and also, you have until 11:59PM CT, July 11th to turn in your entry forms.

First of all, here’s a list, compiled by the ever-industrious @storerboughtcreation , of all the tickets everyone earned these first two seasons:

Player Winter Raffle Spring Raffle Total Raffle Tickets
AcadianDriftwood 23 23
appledainty 10 21 31
BatsAndBrownies 1 1 2
bluebird 11 11
bunny1kenobi 21 23 44
craftADDchick 18 17 35
ezrib 4 17 21
FrizzyTyger 4 4
geekgirl 13 23 36
GMPNQ 7 3 10
gozer 10 28 38
Imnatari 1 1
Inselaeffchen 1 4 5
jillybeans 4 4
kwyltaholic 1 1
Lynx2Lancer 23 22 45
megwell 16 16
Mortuum 3 3
Mountains_and_Clouds 3 3
QueenHobo 2 4 6
Raury 3 3
roler 29 22 51
Smeddley 27 19 46
smileyyogini 1 1
storerboughtcreation 18 11 29
Tanath 12 1 13
Tanyia 1 1

Y’all, that is a LOT of tickets! Awesome job! Now, here’s the entry form. Please copy and paste it into a mail to ME, and use the headline “Nerd Raffle Entry - (your user name)”. Put the number of tickets you’d like to bid next to each prize. You can see photos and details about each prize in the raffle post near the top of this thread. Please note that thanks to our generous donors, ALL prizes this season are available internationally! :slight_smile:

Raffle Entry Form
Total tickets earned:

Lemonade Tin:
Bird Notecards:
Totoro Biscornu:
Set of 3 Crochet-Covered Hangers:
Lettuce Kiss Clasp Coin Purse:
Kitchen Helper Set:
Set of 6 Gelli Print Cards:


Reminder: Raffle entries are due TOMORROW!! Even if you’ve only got one ticket, you can still enter! :slight_smile:

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Raffle status update! I have received all of your raffle entries, and am just waiting on a guest draw-er to randomly pick the winners, to make sure it’s impartial! I’ll post the results as soon as they get back to me. :slight_smile:


Raffle Results are in!

Because I had a lot of tickets bid on these items myself, I didn’t want to be the one to do the drawing, and decided to ask someone impartial. LC’s lovely @sweets4ever kindly agreed to pull the numbers, and now we’ve got winners! Hooray!

Lemonade Tin (donated by @bunny1kenobi)
Winner: @Smeddley

Bird Notecards (donated by @Lynx)
Winner: @roler

Totoro Biscornu (donated by @storerboughtcreation)
Winner: @geekgirl

Set of 3 Crochet-Covered Hangers (donated by @roler)
Winner: @Bunny1kenobi

Lettuce Kiss Clasp Coin Purse (donated by @gozer)
Winner: @Bunny1kenobi

Kitchen Helper Set (donated by @craftADDchick)
Winner: @Smeddley*

Set of 6 Gelli Print Cards (donated by @geekgirl)
Winner: @megwell

Donor Prize (donated by @storerboughtcreation)
Winner: @Lynx

Surprise Prize from @sweets4ever!
Winner: @bluebird

Everyone who entered any tickets at all got entered into the drawing for the surprise prize, and @bluebird, you won! Yay!

Winners, please contact the donors of your prizes to arrange for shipping.
Thanks again to everyone who participated!!


Yay! So fun!


Hey, bluebird!! :heart: I wanted to get a LC apparel piece printed for you, but decided I want you to pick the style you personally love! Message me and you can pick something out! :confetti_ball:


I am beyond thrilled I won the totoro biscornu!!! :purple_heart:


Congratulations to all of the winners! There were so many fantastic prizes donated! And, thanks @roler for running the raffle, thanks @sweets4ever for drawing the name and providing the special secret prize (can’t wait to see what you get @bluebird!), and, thanks @storerboughtcreation for providing the donor prize!


Yay!!! What fun, congrats to all the winners and wow! Thank you for the surprise prize! I’ll get in contact with you right after I post this. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Congratulations to all the winners and donors!


Woohoo, gellis! These might be my firsts – definitely the first from gg. Thanks to all the donors, and to roler for organizing.

Speaking of (being) jelly, extra congrats to bluebird on the LC swag!