Common Ground swap gallery!

Post your lovelies here!!


So excited!

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I received from @Bunny1kenobi! OMG! Everything is so fabulous! Thank you so much @Bunny1kenobi! You rock!

Look at this tiny little tea cabinet to go in my big tea cabinet!

Two great Alice in Wonderland tea towels.



And finally, this sweet and stunning tiny tea pot. It is living in my tea cabinet too.


Yay! I’m glad you like it! I focused on our common love of miniatures, tea, and Alice in Wonderland.

There is a little room in the tea cabinet for future miniature acquisitions, too! :smile:

Oh my goodness! That tiny cabinet is amazing! The teapot is gorgeous.

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Thanks!! :blush:

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Love the little tea cabinet! I also really love the colors on the tea towel.

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I missed that we had a gallery already! The tiny tea cabinet! The pretty towels! The beautiful teapot! It’s all great!

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I received from @Lynx2Lancer ! She made me a cross stitch of my kitty Black Jack!

She also sent a book binding kit since I’ve been interested in learning how to do that.

And a sweet letter to go along with it!


Great hoopla! And a bookbinding kit! Wow, that looks like fun!

What a great package!

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Received! Here’s the group photo from Lynx2Lancer!!! :slight_smile:

She did an amazing job at zeroing in on what I needed and wanted. First thing I noticed were these reusable bags that I have been really wanting and this adorable recycled vase that I intend to use in my work office when I return.
(love of reusing and using less waste)
Then my eye caught these cute fabric covered buttons which are adorable! (Love of buttons)

And for the finale, this ADORABLE lettuce pouch made of leather!! Not only is it beautiful and a craft I would like to learn some day, but a skill that her grandfather was interested in many moons ago. It also makes me want to go buy some tacos which amuses me lol! The detail though!!!

Valkyrie approves!

Thanks again! You rock Lynx2Lancer!


Soooo glad you like it ok! I got a set of those reusable bags from @geekgirl last Christmas, and love them so much we bought more and some for you!

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Love the leather pouch! And I’m a button fiend, too! :heart:

that tiny tea cabinet and tea pot are amazing!

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This is awesome!

that lettuce pouch is so cute!

I received from @tendstowardschaos!

Apparently we both love pouches and bags because we both had a lot of them pinned! LOL
So she made me a tote bag - it is so sturdier and has several pockets:

Take a look at the fancy stitching

And a matching pouch to go inside!

And these awesome painted rocks with magnets on the back

I think this one is my favorite

shot of my Craftster/lettuce magnet collection

And a few extras:
gorgeous papers

these cool little metal trinkets

and some bling

Thank you so much @tendstowardschaos


The coordinating bag and pouch are awesome, as are the magnets! I also have a thing for metal corners. And paper and bling and anything steampunk-ish. Swoon-worthy!

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WOW! So much awesome stuff!

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I’m so glad you liked it! I tried to find things that you had pinned and fit them into a Peter Pan theme since we both like fairy tales (and totes and pouches). I avoided Disney (it’s amazing how few fairy tale fabrics are not Disney :joy:) and managed to find a cute Neverland fabric collection by Riley Blake. One of the magnets is the “second star to the right.” :wink:


Ooh, what a fun fact about the magnet!! I love it!

PS Peter Pan fans: I recently read the first 2 books (#3 is in the works) of Tales Of The Wendy. (The Wendy and The Navigator) Highly recommend! I found them to be incredibly charming and anxiously awaiting the third!

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