Plarn Reusable Bag

I can finally post this project!

I made this for the Common grounds swap for @Lynx2Lancer. Please see the link for everyone’s wonderful goodies!
Common Ground swap gallery!

Anyhow, I knew I wanted to crochet a reusable bag. I first thought of cotton and then felt like plarn (yarn from plastic bags) would work well and make a huge statement about recycling and reusing for anyone who ever sees it. I looked in my cabinets and found my bag stash. I try to use reusable bags, but I’m human and forget sometimes. Anyway, I had the most of the gray bags. I got started and figured I’d add a motif…

I had never seen anyone do this before and was excited! It grew and grew

Into this!

I later added a few beads to make the drawstring handle easier to use (it still bunches but works well with patience). The final project can be found in the gallery.

This was a lot of fun! To make plarn, just flatten the bag lengthwise and cut into strips that create loops when unfolded. Use slip knots to do barely visible knots to link them together, pulling gently to not break the strips. It’s easy to prep ahead, but time consuming. There’s a tutorial here which is great:
Anyone else doing plarn?
It’s a nice way to reuse bags before recycling them, however I personally try to eliminate plastic use when possible. Thanks for looking!


This is really amazing! I hate how this covid situation is requiring single use plastic so much (at least one store locally lets us return and recycle it), but this is so much fun. The bird motif is just phenomenal. Thanks so much.

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Definitely! COVID19 has put a damper on our waste not, want not, use less efforts too. We have one grocery store that allows us to turn the bags in. The greatest thing is when the plarn item is no longer used, it can be donated in the bin–and it’s easy to clean in a quick rinse in the tub or outside with a hose.

Wow! This is phenomenal. Well done.

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This is so neat! The dark background does a great job of making the bird ‘pop!’

This is wonderful! Lovely motif and great colors.

Really beautifully done! I love that you went beyond the average plarn bag, by adding pattern.

This is amazing! I’ve got a plastic bag stash as well and this would be a great project to do! Thanks for sharing your beautiful bag :blush:

Thanks everyone! It’s huge too! I appreciate all the kind words and am so happy that I was able to gift this in a swap to someone who appreciates the time and effort. This site is wonderful!!

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