COMPLETE : Dinosaur Swap - S/U 1/28/21-2/11/21 SO 3/11/21

Image courtesy of cottonbro - Pexels



Do you love dinosaurs? Could your life use some additional dinosaury goodness? Do you have a severe case of dinomania?
If so, this swap is definitely for you!

Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: Kwality570
Sign-up date range: January 28, 2021 - February 11, 2021
Date to send item on or before: March 11, 2021
Limited to a certain number of people: No

Crafting Requirements

Participants will be required to create 1 Medium dinosaur item and 1 Small dinosaur item for their partners during the crafting period. If you would like to send extra items, please discuss with your partner before creating and sending.

What counts as a medium or a small?

By Time

  • Large = 3 or more hours
  • Medium = 2 or more hours
  • Small = 2 or less hours

By Size

  • Large = A shawl, a shirt, a skirt, a set of jewelry with four to five items, a purse
  • Medium = one single necklace or bracelet, a scarf
  • Small = Earrings, stickers, wallets, pouches, bookmarks

By Price

  • Large = $30 or more
  • Medium = $10-$30 dollars
  • Small = $10 or less

If you wish to participate, please send the following questionnaire to organizer @Kwality570 with the subject line: Dinosaur Swap Signup - username


**Dinosaur Swap**

Lettuce Craft username:

Email address:

Your real name:

Mailing address including the country:

Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?

Are you at least 16 years old?

Any allergens in your home (animals or smoke)?

Do you have any allergies?

What are your favorite dinosaurs?

Do you have any dinosaurs you don’t specifically care for?

What types of crafts/projects would you be thrilled to receive?

Is there anything you would not like to receive?

What are your favorite colors and patterns?

Are there any colors or patterns you abhor?

Do you have a Pinterest or another online site to list?

Do you understand that tracking is required for shipping within the US and a image must be captured for International receipts?

Will you post in the swap thread once before you send this signup form?

Will you post in the swap thread once a week during the crafting period?

Is there anything else you’d like your partner to know?


Participant & Partner List

  1. @Kwality570 Dinosaur Pinterest <-> Ewulotta
  2. @gozer Dinosaur Pinterest <-> artsycandice
  3. @wereradletshug Dinosaur Pinterest <-> Roler
  4. @roler Dinosaur Pinterest <-> wereradletshug
  5. @artsycandice <-> gozer & AuFish
  6. @Ewulotta Dinosaur Pinterest <-> Kwality570
  7. @AuFish Dinosaur Pinterest <->artsycandice
  8. @joyfulclover Dinosaur Pinterest <-> RagingSloth
  9. @RagingSloth <-> JoyfulClover


Participant Partner Date Sent Partner Received Notes & Feedback
Kwality570 Ewulotta 2/22/21 3/2/21 Complete - Positive
wereradletshug Roler 3/8/21 3/12/21 Complete - Positive
gozer artsycandice 3/1/21 3/4/21 Complete - Positive
Roler wereradletshug 3/9/21 3/13/21 Complete - Positive
artsycandice gozer 3/16/21 3/19/21 Complete - Positive Sent late with communication
artsycandice AuFish 3/11/21 3/15/21 Complete - Positive
Ewulotta kwality570 3/11/21 3/20/21 Complete - Positive
Aufish artsycandice 3/11/21 3/13/21 Complete - Positive
joyfulclover RagingSloth 3/11/21 3/18/21 Complete - Positive
RagingSloth joyfulclover 3/11/21 3/16/21 Complete - Positive

I’m so excited for the dinosaur swap! For additional ideas, if anyone else has a pinterest board for dinosaurs and dino crafts, let me know and I’ll list it by your name in the participant list.

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I am filling out my questionnaire right now!

Done! :grin:

Yay! Happy to have you.
I already stole some of your pins to add to my board. :slight_smile: When I was looking last night, it wasn’t as easy as I thought to find dinosaur items to pin.

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I know! I had a hard time. I said in my questionnaire to not be hindered by it and feel free to get creative. I feel like there is so much more potential out there!

Uh, this is tempting. I was thinking… I’m not such into dinosaurs but my little boy who always gets the short end of the stick. So I’d do the swap for him rather than for me if that’s okay!?

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DINOSAURS!!! Yes, please!!


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Have you guys watched Dinotopia? I bet you could find ideas there as well…and, if you are open to fantasy dinosaurs, there is a book on them as well…sort of a mishmash of real dinosaurs…


I love Dinotopia! Ha! That’s even the name of my board! Do YOU like dinosaurs?


i’m in!




Here’s my board:


That’s definitely okay! We’d love to have you.

You are a master pinner, my friend. I just checked out your board and stole a TON of them. :slight_smile:


This is my board, just in case…
I’ll have to work on my questionnaire then…

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Soooo joining this! :slight_smile:


Filling out now… Rawr!


I have so many ideas for this swap. If they don’t fit with my partner I am going to make them for myself, actually, if they do fit I will probably make two. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like this approach. :smiley:

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Okay, so I am just now looking at the dinosaur Pinterest boards that are linked above. You guys!!! Ermergerd!!! So darn cute. I might have to steal a pin, or twelve, or 100. Muahahahahaha!

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