COMPLETED: 12 Days of Christmas Swap - Send Out 12/3/21

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This is a big swap and commitment, please do not sign up if you cannot commit!

Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: geekgirl
Sign-up date range: from 07/24-08/09
Date to send items by: 12/3/21
Limited to a certain number of people: No

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
Has been a member for at least one month: Yes
Has posted at least 15 times: Yes
Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: Yes

since this is a large commitment I am going to require that all participants have successfully complete at least once swap.

Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: Yes
Does not have any negative feedback: Yes
Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: Yes
If within the US, understands that a Tracking number is required for this swap: Yes
If you send internationally, you must keep the receipt you get for shipping the item. The receipt should have information about where the package is going. Photograph or scan the receipt and send it to the organizer and your partner when you report that your package is mailed.

Lettuce Swapping Rules

Details of swap:

The idea of this swap is to craft for your partner 12 items based on their interests. You will make 7 small items for days 1-7, for days 8-10 you will make 3 medium items and days 11 & 12 will be large items. Please have a well stocked pinterest (or similar) and be detailed in your questionnaire to help out your partner.

Days 1-7 small (7 small items)
Days 8-10 medium (3 medium items)
days 11-12 large (2 large items)

75% crafted items & 25% store bought.
(extras are optional and are solely up to you and your partner.)

Below are guidelines for size requirements to help everyone.

By Time
-Large = 3 or more hours
-Medium = 2 or more hours
-Small = 2 or less hours

By Price
-Large = $30 or more
-Medium = $10-$30 dollars
-Small = $10 or less

The Rules:

  • each item should be wrapped
  • number each item (1 - 12, with number 1 being the gift to open on 12/14 and number 12 to be opened on 12/24…)
  • post each item in the gallery when you open it (or within a day or 2)
  • Extras are optional, but quality is NOT. Please read your partner’s questionnaire and make sure you are sending them something they will like, and not just random things thrown in a box. It’s never fun to receive a thought-less package.

Name of swap: Holiday Present
Lettuce Craft username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address including the country:
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?
Confirm that are at least 16 years old: (YES/NO)
Have you successfully completed 1 swap?
Any allergies:
Allergens in your house:

Do you want to make/send extras?
Anything you would positively, absolutely hate to receive?
Colors you like:
Themes you like:
Crafting techniques you like:
Things you like to make:

Below list things you would like to receive. If applicable, include sizes, colors, types of medium, etc.

  • List 3 large items you would ideally like to receive
  • List 5 medium items you would ideally like to receive
  • List 5-10 small items you would ideally like to receive

Would you enjoy receiving food items as your gifts? (cookies, candy, etc…)
If yes, please list some of your favorites:

(I am asking you list out so many items to give your partner something to work with. Nothing worse than wanting to make a partner happy but getting no details to work with!)

Do you want to receive any Holiday themed items? If so list them here and give details:
Do you have a preference on whether you make holiday themed items or not.

Do you have wrapping preferences or guidelines: ***For example, I prefer low maintenance wrapping and recycled wrapping (like comics or brown paper grocery bags that are decorated) without bows, etc…

Pinterest or other online inspiration:





kittykill <–> momiemae
mel <–> roler
Lynx2Lancer <–> Bugaboo
geekgirl <–> photojenn
Edel <–> Jemimah
saintcady <–> Rlynn
storerboughtcreation <–> Amfkinney
geekgirl <–> Renstar


I love this swap! I’ll be signing up!

Me me me. I love this swap so much, but I’m always diffident about signing up because I’m in Ireland, and it always means expensive mailing costs for my partner. So I’ll sign up if someone is happy to do the cost of international mail!

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Sending my info!

Me too! I always struggle with what to ask for because I never have no idea what I want!

I want to sign up for this swap so bad but I’m also kind of scared to. It sounds like so much fun!

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It’s so much fun!! There’s a lot of crafting time! You’ll have so much fun!

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Do it! There’s a long crafting period.

I always stay organized with a spreadsheet to track my progress.


Same here! I’ve never done this swap, but I’ve always wanted to. The mailing costs and extra shipping time seem a big ask.

Thinking thinking…


I’d swap with you in a heartbeat!


yay!!i’ve been waiting for this swap!! its been AGES since i’ve done a nice, ginormous swap anywhere!! will send my Q momentarily!!

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A spreadsheet is a good idea. This swap makes me nervous because I’m the slowest crafter on the planet. The idea of something taking under 2 hours to make is mind boggling to me :joy:

I’m planning to sign up but I need to put some thought into my questionnaire and spend some time on my Pinterest first.

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@edel and @jemimah theres usually someone who is willing to ship international. Or if you guys want to pre-partner. I think we can make something work out!

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Ditto my friend!! :grinning:

Just signed up! I haven’t done this swap in years. It will be fun.


Do it!

My mediums are never medium. I can’t embroider or cross stitch in 2 hours.


that. if we go by “time” - everything i knit is a large.

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This is the best swap and I’m very excited to be doing it again. :grin::grin:


Yay!! Me too, I have started plotting and scheming already and have sent in my sign up :grin: :grin:

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