COMPLETED- Christmas Card Swap - Sign Up until Nov 27 - Send out Dec 5, 2022



  • Swap name: Christmas Card Swap
  • Lettuce Crafter who is organizing this swap: geekgirl
  • Sign-up date range (also crafting period): 11/6 - 11/27
  • Date to send item - on or before 12/5/2022
  • Limited to a certain number of people? No
  • Restricted to people who all live in the same country? No
  • Age requirement? 16


  • Must be a member of Lettuce Craft for at least 30 days
  • Must have posted at least 15 times on Lettuce Craft
  • Must have read the Lettuce Craft Swap Rules
  • New swappers can only be in one swap at a time
  • Previous swappers can only be in five swaps at a time
  • Participant is at least 16 years old


This swap is to make a homemade Christmas card and send to your partner(s) with a note. We will do this in the style of the 4x6 art swaps - make all your cards before signing up and then partners will be assigned. So cards will be Sender’s choice.

  • Make a Christmas card any medium and in any style that you choose.
  • This is for swappers of all abilities, but your artwork should be made with your best effort.
  • The crafting period and signup period for this swap are the same - 11/6 - 11/27.
  • Partner information will be sent to each participant on 11/28/2022.
  • You will have until the end of the day on 12/5/2022 to get your cards into the mail.
  • Since this is a paper swap, you must be willing to ship Internationally. For US participants, a global stamp is $1.40. You don’t have to use an actual global stamp, you can use domestic stamps that add up to $1.40
  • Tracking information for your envelope is not required, but if your card is lost in transit, you must agree to resend.

To participate, once your cards are complete, send a private message to organizer @geekgirl with the following information:

Name of Swap: Christmas Card Swap
Lettuce Craft Username:
Email Address:
Your Real Name:
Mailing Address Including Country:
Confirm that are at least 16 years old:
How many partners do you want? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Do you understand that if your card is lost in transit, you will need to resend?
Do you understand that this swap is open to international swappers?
Are your cards complete and ready to ship? If not then do not send in questionnaire yet.
Have you already posted in the swap thread?

To make sure that everyone is ready at the time of addresses, only send this questionnaire once your cards are complete!

Participant Partner Qty Partner Date Sent Partner Received
geekgirl 5 bluebird, PhoenixFireDesign, camelama, wittychild, goatgoddess
camelama 5 bluebird, Smmarrt, geekgirl, curiousfae, Myrthena
Cindy 3 wittychild, Myrthena, Mvanrh11 12/1/22
Myrthena 4 Smmarrt, curiousfae, PhoenixFireDesign, AudiobookLover 11/29/2022
Mvanrh11 2 bluebird, curiousfae
wittychild 5 PhoenixFireDesign, Whistlefish, Cindy, AudiobookLover, curiousfae
Whistlefish 4 megwell, AudiobookLover, geekgirl, mvanrh11
PhoenixFireDesigns 5 megwell, Smmarrt, Cindy, camelama, Whistlefish 11/30/2022
curiousfae 5* Myrthena, camelama, megwell,wittychild, Smmarrt. goatgoddess 11/30/2022
Smmarrt 4* bluebird, camelama, Whistlefish, PhoenixFireDesign, goatgoddess
bluebird 5 Cindy, curiousfae, AudiobookLover, geekgirl, megwell 12/1/22
megwell 5* bluebird, PhoenixFireDesign, wittychild, geekgirl, goatgoddess 12/2/22
AudiobookLover 4 wittychild, camelama, Myrthena, Whistlefish 11/30 and 12/1
Goatgoddess 5 geekgirl, smmarrt, curiousfae, kwality, megwell 12/1/22
kwality570 1 goatgoddess 12/2/22

I have one of those chain things that holds cards and i love to fill it with holiday cheer! I need to work on my cards so i can do this!

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Oooo! Fun!


This sounds fun! I don’t know for sure if I’ll have the time to participate, but my mind is already running through ideas!


Fun idea! I’ll see if I can come up with a card or two in time.


Surely you can carve out time to make 1 or 2 cards! :slight_smile:


I agree! Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by a lack of time to do anything, yet I always find time to go down internet rabbit holes. I need to spend less time falling into the internet and more time doing real stuff!


This is a really fun idea! This time of year I always start making Christmas cards, I could make a few extra this time.

Although I’m not sure about the current state of international mail, I haven’t received my ornament from the ongoing onrnament swap and I don’t think the person I claimed has received theirs either.


I’m in. Going to work on my cards!!!


I wasn’t going to do anymore swaps this year … @geekgirl stop posting so many good ones :flushed:


i’m in :slight_smile:


Hey Everyone, I updated the questionnaire to make it a bit more clear. For this swap you make your cards BEFORE signing up. So when you send in your questionnaire you will have your cards already done.

This is so that once sign ups are done on Nov 27 you already have the cards to mail out by Dec 5th!

Also, per the site swap rules, it is a requirement to post in the swap thread before signing up



I was digging around in my craft room and found some amazing Christmas washi tape I bought last year after the holiday. I can’t wait to get started on my cards!


I’ve started on my cards. I’m loosely following something I found on someone’s blog. Right now it all looks like a hot mess but I’m hopeful it’s going to all turn out great!


4 Cards are ready !


Looking at doing some card making next weekend cant wait!!! Stalking pinterest to get some ideas

I’m wrapping up my 12 Days swap, so if I get some crafting time, I think I’ll be able to enjoy swapping a bit here.


I made some cards this weekend! I can participate! Woo!


Finished and signed up