COMPLETED - Chunky Houses Halloween Edition 2022 SU:9/1 - 9/8 SO: 10/6/22

I nearly forgot about this question… I honestly haven’t used anything new in quite some time so… a favorite throghout… I love fiber arts. Whether that’s felting. sewing, or embroidering… but I love mixing them all together the best. :heart:

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I haven’t purchased any new craft material. But I love “discovering” something in my stash that I had forgotten about. One advantage to having to hunt through stuff regularly.


My son wanted something to make gems and I remembered that I had stickers!

I started making a list of things I have left to do on the houses and the materials I need to do that, even if I need to use my hot glue gun so I’m not getting up and down constantly. My craft room is messy again and I have to do a little balancing to get around the place. It’s like playing “the floor is lava” every time. I suppose I could take the time to put stuff away but… that’s taking time from crafting.


…the eternal problem. :laughing:

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I’ve started new ones and bought a book of halloween collage as a little cheat :joy:


@audity I think it’s whatever works!

I was frustrated with drawing lady legs so I found some in a magazine. I’m going to finish the three houses this weekend or at least that’s what I have been telling myself. I dislike being stalled because of supplies. I would think at this point that I have everything I need.

so my houses are nearly finished

I ran out of Tombow😒 I purchased more, but now it’s into the evening and I usually stop to hang with the hubs.

Also, it’s the last Saturday night and Sunday to work on your chunkies!

Working away…


Ooo, love the bit set.

I finished and mailed today, I still have to inform my partners, spooky halloween goodness is on its way.

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As a reminder, please send out your packages/envelopes all at the same time, take pics before you send, and when you receive please take individual photos of each house so I can enter them on the Pinterest board of inspiration for this swap.

Again, here is the link to the gallery. It is also located at the very top of this page.

My elements are assembled and I am in the midst of the ongoing dance of waiting for glue to dry before sticking the next thing down…

Ugh, that’s the worst. Plod away…

Ugh…had a headache all weekend, so lost a LOT of crafting time…it’s pretty much just drying time, though (unless I think of something else to add)
I will be mailing on time tomorrow.


Tomorrow is the day to send your chunkies!

Two houses finished. Last one is… 94% finished.

I have mailed! Now to manage to get the postal receipt and the computer in the same place long enough to transcribe the tracking numbers…

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Time to send those chunkies!

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Heading to the post office myself. See you cats later!

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