COMPLETED: Holiday Present Swap - S/U: 7/29-8/14 - S/O 11/6

Swap name: Holiday Present Swap
Lettuce Swapping Rules

Lettuce Craft member who is organizing this swap: geekgirl
Sign-up date range: July 29 - August 14 (5 pm Eastern Time)
Date to send item by: Friday November 6
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): No

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
Has been a member for at least one month: Yes
Has posted at least 15 times: Yes
Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: Yes
*** since this is a large commitment I am going to require that all participants have successfully complete at least once swap.
Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: Yes
Does not have any negative feedback: Yes
Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 16 years old: Yes
If within the US, understands that a Tracking number is required for this swap: Yes
If you send internationally, you must keep the receipt you get for shipping the item. The receipt should have information about where the package is going. Photograph or scan the receipt and send it to the organizer and your partner when you report that your package is mailed. This is a new rule - see the rules link at the top of this post.

Details of swap:
Do you like receiving presents? Do you like making large packages for your partner?
You will make 7 items for your partner: 1 large, 2 medium, 4 smalls based off their questionnaire. Up to 2 items (small or medium) may be purchased.
Questionnaires need to be full of detail and a well stocked pinterest would be needed. Items will need to be wrapped.
This is a long commitment. The intent is for this to be a package for your partner for the Holidays. Please make a well thought out and crafted package to brighten your partner’s holiday! We will be shipping at the end of October to allow for the extended delivery times that mail has been taking lately.

Please be detailed in your questionnaire and have a good selection of suggestions pinned on Pinterest. Your partner wants to make something you will enjoy!

If you want to participate, information to send to organizer:
Please put your email subject in this format:
Holiday Present Sign Up - your username

Name of swap: Holiday Present
Lettuce Craft username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address including the country:
Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country?
Confirm that are at least 16 years old: (YES/NO)
Have you successfully completed 1 swap?
Any allergies:
Allergens in your house:

Do you want to make/send extras?
Anything you would positively, absolutely hate to receive?
Colors you like:
Themes you like:
Crafting techniques you like:
Things you like to make:
Things you would like to receive - be descriptive:
- List 3 large items you would ideally like to receive
- List 5 medium items you would ideally like to receive
- List 5-10 small items you would ideally like to receive
(I am asking you list out so many items to give your partner something to work with. Nothing worse than wanting to make a partner happy but getting no details to work with!)
Do you want to receive any Holiday themed items? If so list them here and give details:
Do you have a preference on whether you make holiday themed items or not.
Pinterest or other online inspiration:




lynx2lancer <–> lindyv
momiemae <–> Audania
Artsycandace <–> SalubriousAimee
PrincessP <–> Raury
geekgirl <–> kwality <–> JoyfulClover <–> geekgirl

I’ll be signing up soon!

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Oh this is really tempting.


I’m in!!!

Like a cherry red apple, offered at your cottage in the woods!!!

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sshh don’t tell everyone that that was how I snared my DH


Also, thanks for the tip! I might need to fetch one of my own!

Don’t forget that you will need a club, the enchanted apples wear off


Ooh… so tempting… I shall ponder this.

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Yay yay yay! My absolute favorite swap!! Off to fill out my q now :slight_smile:

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I just read that we must successfully complete one swap. I completed more than 30 on c-ster, do those count? Or must I do one here first? Just checking! If it helps, I’ve hosted and co-hosted this swap before lol.


Ohhh man, this one sounds like fun, but also work, so I really need to think about it. Plus, maaan, you guys are gonna make me have to get a Pinterest account, aren’t you? I’ve resisted for years!!!

You’re good @Audania!

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I confess, I have struggled without a robust Pinterest. Many times I look to profile my partner - what are the reoccurring themes, colors, animals, or projects - which only reveals itself at a macro level. Sparse, or dated, accounts make it a lot harder for a single item, much less a big swap such as this.

Speaking of, y’all remember wists? Ha! Those were some determined swappers!

I love the focus on actual gifts/presents for your partner, and less on the specific holiday. Yay!

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I’ll definitely be filling this questionnaire out later tonight when I have more time. I am so happy this was one of the chosen swaps. It’s been years since I’ve done a large swap like this one, so I’m pretty excited about it. :slight_smile:

Oh, I was in a Wists Swap on the old site! I remember being soooo sad when it ended and forced me to join the waiting list to create a Pinterest account. If it wasn’t deleted, it would be fun to go back and see what some of my Wists items even were. I’m sure my tastes have changed since then!

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Go looookkkk!!! I’m so interested in what you wisted then!

I have an external hard drive circa early aughts of planned projects. I will have a vague memory of a project and have to look for HOURS to find it. Because I loved ‘Imagr’ and miss that site so much.

They actually took down the whole website! Maybe it was all just a dream. :slight_smile:

I don’t even know where mine was.

How disappointing, @Kwality570! I was hoping you’d find something so random!

Edit: Completely down. Site available. Well dang. There you go.

You can get to it from the way back machine. Not sure you could actually search and find your profile though

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You’re a Wizard for sure! I completely forgot about the way back machine!