Cottage Wall Hanging

I wanted to show Home & Garden some love so I’m posting this here instead of regular ole Fiber Arts. It’s decor, right?!

This wall hanging was a labor of love for the one and only @marionberries in the Miniature Make a Friend Swap.. I did lots of creepy stalking from her previous posts and a bit of Google Street View to help come up with this little project. (Let that be a lesson to any future swap partners…I’m a stalking creeper. It’s for a good cause though!)

I used this paper piecing pattern to make the little house and did my best to recreate some quilty version of her house to hang up.

@marionberries has two cats but also frequently fosters cats as well so there’s little kitties in the windows! Two to represent her cats and a third to represent the foster cats.

Here’s a couple other detail shots of the house:

Used some florals at the edges to represent a garden (which she also does! but I didn’t have any suitable veggie garden fabric. Imagine that.)

The other little kitty in the window…

The cute little awning and chimney!

At the bottom of the hanging is a lyric from Crosby, Stills & Nash that @marionberries had on her “someday I’ll make something with this” list and I hope she doesn’t mind I added it to this project. The song is a bit before my time so I had to listen to it and learn of course and it was stuck in my head all day. I started singing it at my mom’s house and my mom burst out into song, knowing all the words. Lol.

I’m pretty proud of myself…look at this stitching…

Lemme tell you a story about this stitching. I hate the way my embroidered words look but I love it on cross stitch because the grids keep everything nice and neat. I got the crazy idea to use waste canvas instead of just embroidering the words on like a sane person.

Tearing out the waste canvas…

Lemme tell you…I’m still not convinced it was worth the time and effort of all the crossed eyes and bother of using the waste canvas but the end result was pretty good. I think it would have been less hassle if I was actually cross stitching and not doing outline/text. Still undetermined if it was the correct course of action here but I got to try something new. :woman_shrugging:

And finally…here’s the back. Played around with free motion quilting to make the little tag. It’s not great but it was fun to play with.

Turning the block into the hanging I used the same method I did with my Quilted Cross Stitch Hanging . It’s the perfect little pattern for showcasing one 12inch block into a wall hanging.

Thanks for looking!!


Great, now I have a granny-qualified earworm.

That hanging is adorable! I love the kitties!


I know you put a lot of work into this…all of the little details are definitely things shared by Marion…the little cats in the window make it a home and just love the cottage style of her home…

Your stalking skills have been honed to perfection, thanks probably in part to some co-stalkers (cough, cough)…turned out beautifully…and the lettering…truly beautiful…

I am in your mom’s category of knowing all the words…sigh…that is a good thing! lol


This is just the sweetest.


Holy toledo this is amazing! the whole thing from stalking skills to lettering skills. Just a fabulous drool-worthy swap gift!

Annnnd now that song is stuck in my head, too. haha!


Oh my goodness!! This is so lovely and wonderful and personalized. I’m sure it is LOVED!! Amazing work.


And here I was thinking you were a grand master of letter embroidery! I still think that cause the patience of pulling out that canvas grants you the title. I do so love that quote and the house and hanging. I can’t wait to get the dang porch finished, everything takes so long these days, so I can hang it on the wall. I’ll take pics.

I’ve been wanting to do a paper pieced quilt block of my house and dragging my feet. Now I have one and don’t have to do one myself, double gift. P.S. The veggie garden is in the back, I’m sure it’s represented even if you can’t see it.

Thank you so much.


This piece is lovely and charming top to bottom! So many wonderful, personal details all rendered so skillfully!


What a gorgeous little piece of happiness!


This is so wonderful, and I love all the personal details!! That song is one of my favourites, we actually have the record on vinyl - I guess I’m 30 going on 60!


This is so amazing! Like the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a while. I’m astonished by both how adorable and utterly sweet this personalized house is.

You are a brilliant crafter extraordinaire. :slight_smile:


This is absolutely the sweetest!
And I know the song because my mom never sang the correct words. Her version: “our house, is a very, very, very fine house. With 2 cats in the yard, and a dog that ate the cat” side note: our dog never ate the cat :slight_smile:


This came out so stunningly beautiful! A wonderful labor of love.

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You are the sweetest and you just think of everything! This will be cherished!

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So cute! I love the kitties in the windows.


The kitties in the windows! The little flower gardens! The impeccable lettering (even if you were crazy to do it that way :wink: )! What a charming little flag.

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:fireworks: Hot dog! :hotdog: Your super cool project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :fireworks:

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Awwww yeeeea. Thank you!!

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First, I love that you made this soo personalized and included cats. LOL! I am a cat fanatic and that makes me love this even more. Your lettering is the best! It is perfection!!! You should be very proud of it. I would say it was definitely worth the work.
Wow. There was so much work put into this. Paper piecing is a bear on its own. Kudo for an AMAZING swap project!


This so sweetly personal, it’s just lovely.

Your lettering solution was quite brilliant. I wonder though if you will you be disappointed to learn there is dissolvable canvas for stitching on?