Quilted Cross Stitch Hanging!

I know, I know…I just finished a project but I have another one! It’s my birthday weekend so I was permitted to hang out in my craft room all day and neglect my motherly duties. So…looky what I made!

There was a cumulation of a couple ideas I’ve had floating around my head. I thought it would be neat to combine cross stitch and quilting.

Then I found this pattern for this wall hanging…

and realized I had a cross stitch from last spring I never did anything with…

AND it just so happens to match the fabric I bought earlier this week.

So voila!

Using my newfound skills from the Quiltalong and the project case I made this wall hanging was born!

The pattern is from one of the recent Better Homes and Gardens Quilting Magazines.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at the cross stitch. It was a small freebie pattern (can’t remember the designer, sorry) that I did because I wanted to try beads.

Here’s a bit closer of the fabric I said is perfect: it’s floral…with carrots!!

Made a little tassel for the bottom!

A little ribbon tie to hang! Not pictured is all the short dowels I duct taped together to make the dowel long enough. :laughing:

And a look at the back for funsies!

We have a while until Easter but it’s hanging on my front door anyway. I didn’t want it to look overly Easter-y or grandma-ish despite being what it is. Hoping it looks more “modern.” :crossed_fingers:

Anyway, thanks for looking!!


You are a master! Cross stitch :white_check_mark: quilting :white_check_mark: tassel :white_check_mark:



This is sooooo cute! What a great way to use that cross stitch, to decorate your front door, AND to spend some time on your birthday weekend!


Excellent combination of skills! Also, a lovely way to display your beautiful cross stitching other than a conventional hoop! Love the colors…and you know, there are many holidays where such a banner can be made to decorate your home…just saying…love it!




Lol! True! I really liked the idea of a classic looking quilt block decoration. Reminds me of the barn quilt designs.

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This is so cheery and pretty I can see why it already has pride of place. That fabric really IS perfect for it! Well done!


Sweet harbinger of Spring!


It’s gorgeous! And it definitely looks very modern.


Super-duper cute! Love the overall concept. The tassel really tops it off!


Lovely! Go you, keeping up the momentum! :grin:


Oh wow! This is so fab!


I love how bright and fresh it feels. Your cross stitch is adorable and that is the perfect fabric to go with it. Happy Belated Birthday!

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Your birthday wish is not belated, my real birthday is tomorrow! So thank you!

I have to continue being an adult tomorrow (just a regular ol’ Tuesday) so I “celebrated “ yesterday by using my birthday as a convenient excuse to craft all day. :slight_smile:


Utterly adorable. And we should have some sort of contest for including as many different craft mediums as you can in one project; cross stitch, quilting, tassel making… I smell a future LC challenge…

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That is so sweet!! I love the sneaky carrot fabric! :carrot: :rabbit2:

That’d be a good one!!

That is so wonderful. The carrot fabric is cracking me up too :smile: