Crafts for Lettuce Merit Badge

The lovely @MightyMitochondria and I did a personal trade, and I agreed to creating a merit badge for her. I looked all around her merit badge Pinterest several times and decided to make this one as a celebration of our new home here and a bit of a play on words!

Lettuce Craft. Crafts for Lettuce. (The food? The site? Maybe both?)

See the cool lettuce? Yes! It was traced from a hand-carved stamp I received from @JoyfulClover in a different personal swap.

The green fabric was hand-dyed (not by me) and used to house badges we no longer have interest in and donated.

The felt on the back was left over from @GeekyBookworm’s cotton gin project.

I used variegated thread for this project.

Thanks for looking!


I really adore it. A lettuce themed badge is the most special thing you could have made. :green_heart:

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What a hoot!

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Fun! :green_heart:

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I had not imagined you would stitch the stamp. So much love, Lynx !


How cool to see other lettuce projects used so creatively! Love the use of the stamp as a starting point!

Fun project and clever badge!


Me neither! But, when I came up with my idea, I just knew I had to use it! My first stitched stamp!


it’s really cute.

Love it! Clever idea to use the stamp as a stitch pattern.