Crow Cross-stitch - My Familiar

I was inspired by @bethntim’s Crow cornu and her kindness in posting the pattern. Link below. Started in October, I just finished this yesterday. I had a few mishaps along the way, miscounts and mistakes, but I am happy with the final. I did add extra embellishments to the middle sides so it would frame well in a hoop.


It turned out fabulous! I really like the additional pieces and the way you fixed your missteps…looks like everything was done purposefully!

I also like the pattern very much!

Congratulations on finishing this! Yours turned out wonderfully!

Ca caw! Caw caw!

This is really cool. Crows are fantastic subject matter for crafting and yours is very well done.

Looks good! (Mistakes? What mistakes? Ha!) :grin:

Great job!

This is so stunning!

That looks amazing! I love the extra frame around it! So cool!