Destashing yarn into gift bags - an exploratory journey

I had to downsize my craft space which resulted in me cramming my yarn stash into two large-ish drawers which is a pretty tight squeeze right now. Thus I am on a mission to destash and use up what I got. The biggest portion of my stash that needs to go is acrylic yarns - I don’t really use them much unless I’m crafting for kids or for something that needs to be hardy. A large portion of these yarns are being used currently in my future Halloween costume (hopefully this turns out like I’m envisioning), but I had one ball of white acrylic yarn left over, and decided that I could pair that with a bunch of scrap balls to make gift bags for future gifting. Also it’s a great opportunity to practice new stitches or patterns.

My first bag was pretty boring - just alternating stripes of the white yarn, and then 2 strands of green yarn I had in my scrap ball stash, knitted into a long rectangle that I folded over and sewed up the sides. I made a cord to tie it off with, but will probably use some red ribbon for contrast.

The 2nd bag was a little more exciting as I was using (say it with me) the white yarn again but with a small ball of Lion Brand landscape (?). The color transitions definitely make this more exciting to knit up. Because I knit this in the round, all I had to do to finish was stitch the bottom closed. Crocheted a tie and done. I used the Simple Fair Isle Learning Cowl pattern.

Next I wanted to try real cables. Again the white yarn makes it’s appearance, paired with 2 strands of scrap yarn. I wasn’t following a pattern here - I just went on youtube to learn how to cable and then figured out the stitch count. Again the body is made from a long rectangle with the sides sewn up, with a crocheted cord for the tie.

This next one went off the rails a bit. I had a bunch of small balls of yarn that were all sort of in a similar color story but I couldn’t settle on a pattern to show off the yarn to the best effect, so this is what happens when I completely wing a project. I was holding about 3 yarns as I worked which gave the total weight equivalent to about an aran or bulky weight yarn. But when I introduced the white yarn, which is a light worsted weight, it caused the colorwork portion of the bag to get really tight and wonky. The whole thing is kinda hot-mess-express but as you can see, when you cinch up the bag, it’s not so bad. So I’m moving on, and those yarns are out of my stash!

Next, I wanted to use up some yarn that wasn’t technically scrap, but I had in my stash for so long and had fallen out of love with the colors so I didn’t know what to use it for (it’s a knitpicks brand but I can’t remember the name of the yarn itself). So I decided to use the Able Cable hat pattern to knit a bag in the round. I did this until I thought it was long enough, transitioned to a 5x5 rib for the top, crocheted a cinch cord, and then sewed up the bottom.

Last bag (for now), I used the Windmill Drawstring pouch pattern as my inspiration. I had intended to follow the pattern as is, but realized it made a much smaller pouch than I wanted so I increased the stitch count by 30 in length. In retrospect, I probably should have made my strips wider too, but to compensate, I made 6 strips instead of 4. The biggest pain in the butt about this pattern was having to weave in all the ends. But I think it turned out ok.

And now I need a break from making gift bags. I think I have enough for now lol.


Your gift bags are gifts as well! I am sure the recipients will find a use for them! Great idea to explore patterns and colors with small amounts…and good for you for destashing in a practical way!


I’m amazed at your creativity!! Fantastic use of stash and you inspire me!
I think the KP yarn might be Chroma?
It all looks wonderful, and to think it all started with too much white yarn… :star_struck:


These are awesome! Makes me think we should do a swap at some point, for reusable gift packaging. Cloth bags, yarn bags, furoshiko wraps, etc. It would be a fun way to stash bust, letting folks be inspired by the recipients.


@AIMR Thanks! I’m trying to move towards recycled or handmade gift wrapping instead of store bought as much as possible, so this helps and I agree, it is another bonus gift for the receiver :smiley:

@kayrun I think you’re right, I’ve definitely gotten their Chroma line before. I came to appreciate the colors again in working with it, but there are runs in the color that are very “dusty” and I had a hard time warming up to it at first.

@MistressJennie A swap like that would be awesome!

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I have been turning old scarves that I no longer wear into furoshiko wraps!


Those all look so fabulous! What a great way to practice stitches and bust stash.

What a lovely way to stashbust! They’re all so pretty.

Well these are just the coolest! Love the 2nd one especially and yay! Cables!

Love them! What a great way to stash-bust!

What a great way to use up yarn! And that second one is just gorgeous, it reminds me of a weaving pattern.

Very creative use of your yarns!
When I saw the title, carefully crafted actual bags for gifts was not what I was envisioning. I thought I’d be seeing paper gift bags with a selection of yarns in them and was wondering what you’d be doing with them. Your idea is so much better than my first thought!
I used to use fabric for wrapping gifts, depending on the size of gift - a small table cloth, scarf, serviettes, place mats, drawstring bags - that sort of thing.


These are delightful and a gift in and of themselves! I think each one is great for different reasons and think the “off the rails” one has a certain charm that reminds me of sweaters made to cinch in certain places.

Thank you everyone! I hope this is inspo for others to look at what has been untouched in your stash and give it a new life :smiley:


Great idea! I so love reusable gift wrap!

:mountain_snow: :medal_sports: Congratulations! This stand out project is featured this week! :medal_sports: :mountain_snow:


Thank you! :smiley:

What a fun way to de-stash! It’s so neat that you learned a bit along the way, while using up some of your less loved yarns. Whoever receives those bags will love them, I’m sure!

Your bags are so lovely :yarn:
I’m swooning over your fair isle… someday, someday, someday…

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: